Whether you are new to email marketing or looking for ways to improve your existing newsletter, we have you covered! If you have been sending newsletters to your students but seeing low open or click rates, check out these email best practices.

Create an inviting and engaging subject line

Next time you check your inbox, pay attention to the emails that speak to you and which ones you open. Consider why you engaged with those emails. You might notice that the emails that draw you in contain subject lines that are quick, catchy, and have a personal feel to them.

Write like you’re writing to a friend

If you’re facing writer’s block, approach the email as if you were crafting an email to a friend. Again, consider the emails that tend to keep your attention. They most likely feel authentic and have a conversational tone to them. With practice, you’ll begin to sharpen your writing skills while clarifying your true voice, which is exactly what you want to share with your subscribers!

Give something of value

Yes, the newsletter is a place to promote your services or classes, but you also want to strike a balance. Providing your readers with something of value will keep them engaged – and subscribed! You might decide to share a true story from your week that relates to your work, such as a coaching or teaching moment. Or, provide a short audio or video link of your work in action. This allows subscribers a chance to learn something from you and catch a glimpse of what you can offer them.

Keep your message concise and easy to read

Focus on writing clear, strong text to hook your reader and limit the number of images you put in your email. Try sticking with one powerful or relevant picture that will complement the nature of your email.

Consistency is key

As part of your newsletter strategy, define how often you want to reach out to your subscribers. Make sure you are maintaining a consistent schedule, especially when you’re just starting out. At a minimum, aim for a monthly email update or newsletter. If you leave too much time between your emails, you risk more unsubscribed or unopened emails. Whether your contact list has 5 or 500 people, consistency will help build trust and familiarity with your audience. 

Learn more about how to create and send your first newsletter in this video tutorial. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear it! Send us a note at hello@offeringtree.com.

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