5 Ways To Grow An Email List Of Eager Students With Meg Sangimino

Want to learn a creative, fun and successful method for growing your audience, students, and impact? If so you won’t want to miss this workshop with Meg Sangimino! 

Meg Sangamingo

Meet Your Teacher...

Meg (she/her) is a yoga teacher & business expert who specializes in supporting other wellness professionals in building their own businesses. She is passionate about using holistic marketing strategies (not get-rich-quick schemes) to help you build something that will continue thriving for many years.

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I just found it very simple to use and easy as someone who is just not comfortable in that technology realm.

MBSR instructor


This website has not only elevated my brand, but my self-esteem and confidence. Seeing my accomplishments and offerings neatly organized in website form makes me proud of myself and inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing.

Dance instructor

Michelle Linane

OfferingTree is an easy ­to ­use, all­-in­-one online platform for yoga teachers that provides a personal website, booking, payment, blogging and many other great features. The best thing about OfferingTree is you can get up and running in 10 minutes with no tech skills needed.

Founder, Love Teaching Yoga

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