Track Client Engagement & Get Valuable Insights

No more paper notes or spreadsheets. OfferingTree keeps track of all client interactions with your website so that you can create a top-notch client experience.

No credit card required.

Client management page

Gain Insight into Client Activity

Search for clients and look at their dedicated page in order to see everything they have done on your website. Registration history, membership and package purchases, store item purchases and waivers signed. It’s important to know who your high-value clients are. No more guessing about who your loyal customers are.

“It’s really good to be able to look and see who’s coming to class and how often they’ve come to a class and things like that. It helps me make scheduling decisions.” – Debra R

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Measure What’s Working

It’s important to know who is interacting with your business. The OfferingTree admin page allows you to drill down into packages, memberships and store items to see who has purchased them. We create email lists so you can quickly send them a message. 

“I was doing too much, there had to be another way. Now with OfferingTree, it’s so great to look at your roster and people have already signed up and paid.” – Bobbi B

Stay in Touch with the Right Clients

Communicating with your clients is essential. OfferingTree provides built-in client email communications from a searchable contacts page. You can also send bulk emails to clients with built-in lists. Send an email to a class roster, package and membership holders, store item purchasers or to a class offering. Collect phone numbers so you can contact clients in a pinch. 

“My clients were really good about the switch ’cause they liked the new site and could easily use it.” Tiffany G


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Client Management to Track What Matters for You


Client database


Dedicated client page


See all purchases


Refund purchases


Cancel a client membership


Client email lists

All-in-One Saves You Time and Money

Save hundreds of dollars a month and ditch all those other tools


Create a beautiful website that connects everything in business in one spot. No need to worry about integrating other software or plugins.

Memberships & Packages

Offer memberships and packages to your loyal clients to generate recurring revenue so you can build a sustainable business.


Create landing pages for your website with our pre-built themes or customize to get the perfect look. No Designer or tech expert required.

Events & Appointments

Save time and stress scheduling your clients. Host in-person or online events, appointments, classes and webinars.

Marketing Tools

Grow your audience and keep them engaged without burning yourself out. Treat each of your clients with a personal touch.

Client Managment

Let OfferingTree remember every detail and interaction with your clients so you can give them the personal touch they deserve.

On-Demand Content & Courses

Create engaging video libraries, courses, and other digital content that can meet your clients and students anywhere at any time.


Getting paid shouldn’t be painful. With OfferingTree, accepting payments comes fully integrated into all our features.


Stop driving blind and get the data you need to make thoughtful informed decisions about your businesses.

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