Website and Scheduling Tools for Dance Instructors

Our simple website builder, booking software, and time efficient marketing tools simplify your life and improve your bottom line

3 Easy Growth Steps You Can Achieve Today


Create Your Website

Not tech savvy? No problem. Our website builder is super easy to use.  We’ll help you every step of the way.


Add Your Schedule

Easily add your schedule to your website. Students can book and pay for classes and appointments online without the back and forth hassle.


Get The Word Out

Use our marketing tools and educational content to promote your website and services to grow your business.

You Want a Thriving Dance Career

But things seem to get in the way

Creating a website is frustrating

Piecing together software is hard

Don’t enjoy marketing yourself

Your training didn’t cover marketing

Having no guidance is scary

Feeling isolated in your profession

As a dance instructor, your time is precious and your clients and students are your top priority. OfferingTree makes it easy to create your website, schedule classes and process payments so you can have more time to do what you love.

What you get with OfferingTree

Everything elegantly works together

Websites – build it or embed it

No more plugins or integrations

Our website builder works seamlessly with all of our tools. It’s never been easier to market your offerings, take payments, offer on-demand content, and sell memberships all on your website. Spend more time with your clients and less time fiddling with technology. If you already have a website, you can integrate OfferingTree with a few simple lines of code.

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“I hated even thinking about my website before. And now, everything I need is in one place and I’m able to go in and change it on a dime.”
– Nichole W.


Launch your website free for 14 days

Events, Classes & 1 on 1 Appointments

Skip the back and forth emails

Host in-person or online events, classes, and appointments. Take online registrations and payments, send automatic confirmation and reminder emails, offer discounts, tiered and donation-based pricing, and offer private events and appointments all from one system.

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“I was using another platform for scheduling, for payments and everything but it’s a little bit more like cut and dry with OfferingTree which I like. I didn’t need to have all kinds of fancy plugins and all these different things.” – Jennifer T.


Book your first clients today

On-demand Video & Courses

Scale Your Business

Create engaging digital content, video libraries, courses, challenges, and coaching programs that can meet your clients and students anywhere at any time. Plug seamlessly into your memberships and packages to offer added value to your loyal clients. With your templates and integrated website features you’ll be launched before you know it.

“OfferingTree is a company that provides not only website hosting, but every aspect of business that you could possibly want when you’re first starting out, all in one little cute bundle of joy at an affordable price.” – Amanda R.


Start monetizing your content

Memberships & Packages

Earn reliable income

Offer memberships and packages to your loyal clients to generate recurring revenue so you can build a sustainable business. Our memberships and packages integrate automatically with our scheduling, digital content, and website tools. Create member-only content to build value to move casual clients into loyal supporters.

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“Today’s class has 51 students, with very little friction or issue. I earned as much from the 8 drop-ins as I do from my remaining studio’s class of 20+, to say nothing of the class pass offering revenue.” – VRB Yoga


Start collecting repeatable income

Email, Text & Content Marketing

Stay connected and engaged

Grow your audience and keep them engaged without burning yourself out. Our automated email marketing tools act as your virtual assistant so you can focus on your passions. Keep your community in the know with our newsletter, email, text, and blogging tools. You’ll be able to treat each of your clients with a personal touch.

“I like that it has the blog and the email platform in it already, that you don’t have to use a separate service for that. I feel like I can do so much in one place like that monthly fee gets you what other companies are charging, like 10 bucks apiece for or more.” – Erin F.


Email class rosters, send newsletters, and automate emails

Client Management

Keep tabs on your audience

Let OfferingTree remember every detail and interaction with your clients so you can give them the personal touch they deserve. Track attendance, payments, purchases, and details all in one place.

Lovesauce Yoga Logo

“I just want to say thank you so much for this amazing website builder. Not only has it uplifted my confidence as an online yoga teacher, but it has helped me to find my niche in the yoga teaching world and connect with students.” – Chrisane S.


Never forget another detail about your client


Create unlimited beautiful pages

Quickly create landing pages for your website with our pre-built themes or customize to get the look and feel you want. The possibilities are endless, but your time is not.

Jennifer Eash Photo

“It’s just a great place to start to take out the overwhelm to be like, here’s my landing page, and boom, boom, boom, and then it’s done. It kind of takes out all the extra work for you.” – Jennifer E.


Create a landing page free for 14 days

Image of dashboard console


Just the right kind of info

Stop driving blind and get the data you need to make thoughtful informed decisions about your businesses. Track payments, membership revenue, and registration data to know what’s working and what isn’t.

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“I love seeing how many people have visited my site each week and knowing exactly how many clients have signed up for my mailing list and offerings. The Google Analytics integration is awesome too! Thanks!” – Carissa T

Learn more about your business today

Frequently Asked Questions from Yoga Professionals

Don’t see your question below?

Contact us at [email protected] and we're happy to answer your specific question.

What is OfferingTree?
OfferingTree is a “business in a box” solution that lets you schedule online or in-person events and 1-on-1 appointments, take payments / subscriptions / memberships, sell or rent on-demand videos and digital courses and manage all of your client communications (e.g., newsletter, automated messages, text and email reminders). Unlike others, OfferingTree is truly an all-in-one solution because you can even host and build your website with us. Of course, you can also embed OfferingTree into your existing website if you prefer.
Can I use OfferingTree with my existing website?
Absolutely! Our most popular features can be embedded directly into your existing website with a simple line of code. If you want to use OfferingTree for scheduling, registration, payments, membership and package management, or running your digital store we can help. The embed code we give you works with all popular website providers. If you have specific questions, please reach out to [email protected]
Can I sell or rent videos / recordings / courses?
Yes. You can sell or rent a single video, entire video libraries and even on-demand courses. Organize them in categories, add tags and even put them into memberships, subscriptions and packages. OfferingTree hosts your videos and there is no storage limit.
Do you provide a website?
Yes! OfferingTree includes website hosting, design templates and a powerful website building tool so you can create a beautiful website that looks great on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Many of our competitors only provide you with limited landing page options, which is not the same as providing a true website builder.
What fees do you charge?

OfferingTree charges a monthly subscription fee (see our pricing above) and our lowest cost plan includes a small transaction fee that we let you absorb or pass along to your clients (see our pricing above) -- other companies don’t always give you this choice and add on extra transaction fees! If you buy or transfer a custom domain, then we charge you a one-time fee of $15, which is what it costs us to buy or transfer the domain for you.

Do you integrate with Zoom?
Yes! We have a direct integration with Zoom so that when you create an event in OfferingTree it automatically shows up in your “Meetings” tab in Zoom with the correct date, time and other settings that you chose. No more copying and pasting Zoom links! Each event gets its own unique Zoom link and you can even set the date, time, personal message and any optional attachments you want to send to clients with the event zoom link.
Can I use something other than Zoom?
Yes! You can use whatever video conference service you want (e.g., WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Jitsi).
Can you do donation-based and sliding scale pricing?
Yes, we support donation-based and sliding scale pricing. You can even set donation minimums and allow clients to choose their own price within a range.
Why use OfferingTree? How are you different?

Unlike other companies, OfferingTree is specifically designed for health and wellness professionals who don’t want the hassles of learning technology or managing tons of logistics. You can be up and running in 30 minutes or less. OfferingTree is a “business in a box” solution so you don't need to manage plugins or mess with code. We’re also a benefit corporation that actively supports wellness access and education

Do you offer support?

We provide a variety of support from real human beings. We provide email support and an active user community where you can ask questions. By request, we can arrange video or phone calls. We also provide education and training with free monthly webinars. OfferingTree includes tutorial videos for all of our features and an online Q&A forum. To get the fastest support, simply click the “Help” button

Do you allow waivers?
Yes! We support custom waivers so you can ensure that all of your clients agree to your policies and terms when registering for your events or accessing your digital content.
Will I get my own domain name? What if I have an existing domain?

Yes! When creating your account, you'll be asked to choose an option for your website address. Pick the "Use a domain you've already purchased" option and we'll get in touch with you on how we can use that domain for your OfferingTree site.

If you already have a site you like and you just want to use OfferingTree functionality on your existing site we can do that too! Most of our popular features can be embedded right in your existing site!

Don't already own your own domain. No problem! You can purchase one during the signup process.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel a monthly paid plan, we’ll stop all future billing. You can use all of the monthly plan’s features until the end of that month. Please note that we do not issue refunds for any of our monthly paid plans.

If you cancel an annual paid plan, we’ll stop all future billing. You can use all of the annual plan’s features until the end of your current annual bill cycle. If you cancel an annual plan within the first 14 calendar days of your credit card being charged the annual fee, then you can request a refund from us with no questions asked.

If you purchased or transferred a domain to us, we're happy to transfer the domain back to you so you can use it however you wish.

If you have any additional questions / concerns or just wish to connect with us, please email us at [email protected].

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