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This company was founded by wellness professionals whose needs weren’t being met by their existing software options.

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Our Guiding Principals

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Helping wellness professionals grow their businesses with simple and intuitive all-in-one software backed by educational resources and a supportive community, allowing them to spend more time doing what they love and less time dealing with tech.
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Our vision is to set the standard for an all-in-one, easy-to-use business software that revolutionizes the way studios and solo businesses work, grow, and impact their community.
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Higher Purpose

Our higher purpose is bigger than our software. We are passionate about health and well-being in our global community. We are committed to promoting health & wellness and building partnerships to make a bigger impact.

Who We Are

We know teaching, and we know tech. The OfferingTree team includes wellness professionals who teach and practice meditation, yoga, and fitness. On the tech side, we have decades of total mobile and web development experience.

OfferingTree was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation committed to wellness education and access. Each year we report on our progress in advancing this mission. We are proud of our commitment and hope you are too. Let’s grow together.

Our Values

We don’t compromise on our values. We live by them no matter what.

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Build Knowledge

We are committed to providing top-notch education and resources for our users in order to help them build thriving businesses and use our platform to showcase their expertise.
How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Webinars on topics important to our users
  • Community support where they can learn from each other
  • Access to support team members
  • Detailed how-to articles, videos, and knowledge base
  • Access to additional training and courses from partners
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Ethical Tech

We uphold the trust our users have in us by being transparent about privacy, how and where their data is used, and by developing our software with integrity.
How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Transparency about privacy and data storage with users
  • Ethical use of user data
  • Maintaining integrity in software development
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We put people first, always. We strive to offer our customers as much value for their money as possible. Our tiered pricing structure accommodates folks in different stages of business development.
How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Pricing structures that allow people to access what they need for their business at a price point they feel comfortable with
  • People-first mentality when developing software, education, and features
  • Real human support when users have questions or need help
  • Simplicity and ease
  • A community where users help and support each other
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We strive to model simplicity in everything we do without diluting the sophistication of our platform and its capabilities. Nothing is overcomplicated. Our users are constantly surprised and delighted by our user-friendly software.
How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Simple tools that instill tech-confidence in even the most non-tech person
  • Intuitive and sophisticated software
  • Beautiful and visually appealing features
  • High-touch customer experience and customer service
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We want to make an impact on our community and the world at large. Beyond making a profit, we are committed to giving back through education and making health and wellness more accessible. We also want to have a positive impact on our users’ success.

How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Being a social benefit corporation
  • Collaborating with others in our industry and providing them the platform to share their gifts with our community
  • Providing education and resources to help users be successful
  • Providing access to wellness in our local community by sponsoring events
  • Fostering community and connections between us, our partners, and our users
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Foster Community

We believe in cultivating a sense of community among our users. Ours is a collaborative and supportive network that all OfferingTree users can benefit from. In fact, software improvements are often inspired by community feedback.

How It Shows Up In Our Business
  • Our private user group on Facebook
  • Customer-only events
  • Empowering users to share experiences and solutions with the community
  • Hosting workshops and bootcamps
  • Taking user feedback into account when improving software

Our Trusted Partners

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