When it comes to being seen online, content is the key ingredient in reaching and engaging with your audience. However, when you’re already balancing every facet of your wellness or fitness business including marketing, administration, and bringing your services or classes into the community, it can be a challenge to find easy-to-use and economical tools to design images and videos that don’t require becoming a professional designer or videographer. Here’s a summary of five free (or low-cost) tools that will help elevate your content marketing without draining your time or budget: 


It is seriously easy to create graphics for social media, newsletters, websites using Canva’s free plan. Choose one of several free templates or if you’re feeling creative, start with a blank canvas! Looking to get some flyers or postcards printed? There’s a convenient printing option built-in with Canva (extra cost applies) that makes it super easy to design and order prints all in one spot. 

Adobe Spark

Similar to Canva, Adobe Spark is a great tool for beginners or novice designers. For the most part, you’ll find that Spark offers many of the same features as Canva but one advantage is the ability to create basic videos (Canva offers animation options but only under their paid Pro plan).


If you’re looking to focus on video content and want a more customizable alternative to YouTube or Vimeo, it’s well worth considering Wistia. Wistia’s standout feature is the ability to customize your video player, channel, and create ad-free viewing for your audience. They also offer several tools to amp up your marketing game including in-depth analytics, A/B testing, and lead generation tools, to name a few. Soapbox by Wistia is another excellent and user-friendly option to make slick and professional-looking personal videos using just your computer’s camera, perfect for delivering a webinar. 


Who doesn’t love a good GIF these days? Giphy is one of the most well-known sites for sourcing GIFs so this is a great hub to scour if you’re looking for that perfect GIF to include in your email or social media. It’s also easy (and fun!) to upload your own image or video and create your own GIF.  


You may already use Google to organize your life with Gmail, Docs, and Calendar but did you know that you also have access to a number of tools to help you create content? For example, Google Slides is a great way to build a presentation whether you’re hosting a webinar and want to share as a lead magnet. Stumped for blog ideas? Check out Google Trends to see what people are interested in and see if there’s anything you can write about in a blog. Google Forms is another great way to engage your audience. Create a survey to see what they’re thinking about – which can help you brainstorm new content!

Now that you have some ideas of how and where to create content, we’d love to help you share that content! Visit OfferingTree.com to see how our suite of marketing and administration tools can help you elevate your online presence quickly and easily.

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