Depending on who you ask, you might have heard that email newsletters are a thing of the past, but we believe that email; marketing, including sending newsletters, is still an effective tool to help grow your yoga business and reaching your audience. As long as you’re thoughtful yet strategic about your content and know why you’re sending a newsletter, you may find the effort is well worth your time. Here are some steps to put into place as you develop your first newsletter and future strategy:

Articulate the goal of your newsletter:

This is the most important step. Any new project or tactic you try should always begin with goal-setting. Reflect on why you want to send a yoga newsletter. Clarifying this goal will help you in future decision-making like what kind of content to include and the frequency of your newsletter.

Gather content:

Based on your goal, you’ll be able to start to figure out what kind of content is appropriate and start creating it. Start bookmarking articles or save links in a central depository. Look to your own social media, blog, and website for content for the newsletter, and don’t be afraid to repurpose it. It’s all about working smarter, not harder! Content can come in many forms and there are plenty of tools that can help you create engaging content. Here are some of our favorite free content creation tools.

Create your template:

Creating a consistent look for your email template is important and helps your audience start to recognize your emails. Think about some of the emails and content you receive from your favorite artists, teachers, and companies. It’s likely that you quickly recognize and know who they are based on their consistent branding. Consider this as you’re mapping out your newsletter strategy. Luckily, OfferingTree makes it easy and offers a user-friendly newsletter tool that will help your audience get to know you and the classes you teach.

Test before you send:

Before you send out your final newsletter, send yourself a draft and see how it looks in your inbox and on different devices. If you have a willing friend, send them a copy and get their perspective. Take time to proofread your test email and make sure it’s free of errors and that all links work.

Review the data:

After you’ve tested and successfully sent out your first email newsletter, you’ll want to check in with any available analytics. While the open rate is important, it’s also important to dig deeper. Look at the click-through rate, that is when a reader clicks on a link in the newsletter. See which links were popular and which ones fell short. Using this data will help you shape your future newsletters such as thinking about what to write, how much information to include, and even how you arrange the content. Data is valuable in getting to know your audience and how to keep improving how you communicate with them!

As we said at the start, newsletters are a great way to build and reach your ideal audience. There’s no way that your newsletter will please everybody so make sure to focus on the people you want to reach with your content and offerings. This mentality will be helpful as you start and continue to clarify your newsletter strategy. Want to see how we can help you add a newsletter to your communications? Check out this demo video and visit our website to learn how to get started with OfferingTree for your yoga studio or business. 

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