OfferingTree is excited to announce the launch of its newsletter feature! By sending regular newsletters, you can contact your clients and students in a professional, direct manner. No need to spend hours figuring out a complex mail campaign program since this newsletter feature is easy-to-use and fully integrated with all of OfferingTree’s other features. Below are some tips to help you engage your existing audience and grow the number of people interested in following what you have to offer.

The Audience for Your Newsletters

The key to any engagement strategy is knowing your audience and then crafting a message focused around their interests. Before you even send your first newsletter, however, you’ll want to make sure you have an up-to-date list of clients / students who have given you permission to contact them via email. Within OfferingTree’s newsletter feature, your audience is created in three different ways:

  • Whenever someone signs up for one of your offerings
  • Whenever someone contacts you directly via the “contact me” form on your site
  • Whenever someone clicks the “follow” button on your site to receive more info
  • Whenever you import an email address from someone who has given you permission to send them an email

After confirming your list of clients / students is up-to-date, you can now begin to craft messages that relate directly to their potential interests.

Keep Your Newsletters Relevant

If you have a variety of offerings on your site, try segmenting the audience for your newsletter by your offering categories. For example, if you offer warm-weather sandboarding classes as well as Poutine cooking workshops, then you’ll likely want to send out two different newsletters with updates and information specifically tailored to these two groups.

Fortunately, OfferingTree lets you segment your audience by choosing audiences based upon offering tags that you can select while crafting your newsletter. OfferingTree will automatically show you how many clients / students you are reaching with the specific tags you’ve selected. Of course, if you’d rather send out only one newsletter to everyone, then you have this option too.

Scheduling for Newsletter Success

If you find yourself writing your newsletter at 10:45 pm on Sunday night, then you might want to use OfferingTree’s schedule later feature to increase the likelihood of reaching your audience. In general, early morning right before standard working hours and over lunch time are the best windows for sending a newsletter because these are the times when people are most likely to check their email.

Other times of the day, your message is likely to get lost among the sea of other messages. In addition to being able to schedule your newsletter to send at a future date / time, you also have the option to convert your newsletter to a blog post. This feature helps increase the longevity of your newsletter because it can reach different audiences by being a post on your site and it will also show a history of activity and updates for others who visit your site.

Measuring That Success

You may have written a witty and engaging newsletter, but if nobody reads it, what’s the point of having spent all that energy and time? Fortunately, OfferingTree provides metrics of who received and opened your newsletter both in a summary format and on an individual address basis. This information helps you monitor and track the level of audience engagement with your newsletter content. If you constantly see low engagement numbers, then you’ll want to rethink your messaging and content.

Trying out the Newsletter Feature

OfferingTree provides two basic newsletter options: free-to-try and a monthly subscription. Under the free-to-try option, you can send three newsletters to try out all the functionality and decide if you like the feature. Under the monthly subscription option, you can send an unlimited number of newsletters for only $5 per month and there is no annual contract so you can cancel anytime.

We hope you found the above tips and information helpful! Be sure to try out the new newsletter feature to help you engage with your existing students / clients and grow your audience. OfferingTree is here to help make communication a little bit easier. We love hearing from our users, so please reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing all that you have to offer.

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