What Is Video On Demand? How Can It Grow Your Business

Nov 16, 2023

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


The concept of video on demand (VoD) has emerged as a game-changer, especially in the wellness industry.

For businesses like yoga studios, which thrive on personal connection and holistic experiences, on-demand presents an innovative way to expand reach and enhance services. But what is video on demand exactly, and how does it align with the needs of a wellness business?

Whether you’re a yoga studio owner looking to innovate, a wellness coach exploring digital avenues, or a solo teacher curious about using video to grow your business, understanding VoD is essential.

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What is Video on Demand (VoD)?

At its core, VoD is a technology that allows users to select and watch video content whenever they wish rather than at a scheduled broadcast time.

On a larger scale, think of streaming services like Netflix that have come to replace traditional cable TV for so many of us. This flexibility is more than just a convenience; it’s a paradigm shift in how content is consumed and delivered.

From offering tailored yoga sessions to clients across different time zones to providing a library of guided meditation and wellness workshops, VoD enables businesses like yours to survive and thrive in the digital age.

It offers an unparalleled opportunity to remove physical boundaries, cater to a broader audience, and provide a personalized experience that aligns with the modern lifestyle:

  • Allow users to watch your content at their convenience rather than a scheduled time.
  • Tailor your offerings to your niche, and folks can participate regardless of time zone.
  • Forget the physical boundaries of your teaching location. Deliver the personalization we all seek in this digital age.

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Types of Video on Demand Models

There are three types of video on demand service models, and each has its own unique approach to content access and monetization. Let’s unpack each one:

Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD)

This model involves users paying a regular subscription fee to access a content library. The subscription typically offers unlimited access to a wide range of videos for a set period, usually monthly or annually.

This is a fairly standard model for wellness businesses because it’s so simple.

Examples of SVoD include

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Disney+

Advertising Video on Demand (AVoD)

In this model, content is free for viewers but includes ads. The revenue generated from these ads supports the service.

Users do not pay directly for content but watch ads during video playback. This option is relatively uncommon for wellness businesses because of its nature and the difficulty involved in finding advertisers.

AVoD examples include

  • YouTube
  • Hulu (cheaper version with ads)
  • Peacock

Transactional Video on Demand (TVoD)

TVoD, also known as pay-per-view, allows users to pay for each piece of content they want to watch. It can be further divided into two sub-categories:

  • Electronic Sell-Through: Users pay to own a digital copy of the content
  • Download to Rent: Users pay for temporary access to content

The following examples of TVOD refer to renting or purchasing individual titles

  • iTunes
  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple TV

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How Does Video On Demand Work?

When considering VoD for a wellness business, such as a yoga studio or a fitness center, the system is tailored to provide wellness and health-related content to clients.

Here’s how VoD works specifically for a wellness business:

  • Create content tailored to your wellness niche: A wellness business creates and stores digital content, such as yoga classes, fitness workouts, meditation sessions, and educational wellness videos. This content is stored on digital servers.
  • Ensure your chosen platform is user-friendly: The interface is designed for easy navigation, allowing clients to browse and select the wellness content that suits their needs and preferences.
  • On-demand access is vital: When a client selects a video, the system streams it directly to their device, allowing them to engage in your offerings at their convenience.
  • Consider membership integration: VoD can be integrated into existing membership models, where clients can access digital content as part of their regular membership fees.
  • Alternatively, consider subscription: You could offer a separate subscription for digital content or a pay-per-class (TVoD) model for specific videos or series.

The Benefits of VOD for Wellness Businesses

There are many advantages to be gained by wellness businesses when they choose to offer on-demand video services for clients. Some of the most compelling benefits include:

  • Extend reach and accessibility when folks don’t have to work around a particular schedule.
  • Enhanced client convenience when they don’t have to travel to attend a class. Many of us enjoy having flexible options.
  • Personalized content recommendations make a client’s wellness journey feel more tailored and effective.
  • Additional revenue streams can come from video on demand through subscriptions, pay-per-view options, or integrating digital offerings into existing memberships.

Tips to Implement VOD in Your Wellness Business

Integrating video on demand successfully is a multifaceted process that involves more than just content creation. It requires

  • Strategic planning
  • User access consideration
  • Improved client experience

Let’s explore some additional tips to get your on-demand video library off the ground with a strong start.

Content Creation & Storage

In addition to creating content to incorporate video on demand into your business, you need a place to store and manage it over time. Keep the following in mind as you begin to strategize your content:

  • However you decide to store content, ensure it’s tailored to your niche.
  • Categorize and update your content regularly to ensure it remains relevant, engaging, and beneficial for clients’ wellness journeys.

Video Access & User Interface

Another critical part of providing video on demand services is picking the best-fit platform for your needs. How will clients access your library? On your website? How user-friendly is navigation? 

  • Giving clients access to your library on your website is best practice.
  • If potential clients struggle to navigate your resources, they will look elsewhere. You can even lose loyal clients to a bad user experience.

Improve the User Experience for Your Audience

Adaptive streaming technology ensures that videos play smoothly across various internet speeds and devices, enhancing the user experience. Also, consider the following tips:

  • Customized recommendations can increase engagement: You could dial your platform in to offer personalized content recommendations based on a client’s history.
  • Interactive features are encouraged: Features like progress tracking, interactive sessions, and community forums can enhance engagement and client retention.

Create Your Own Original Content 

Regurgitated content typically doesn’t impress. Wellness businesses should make and use original content, reinforcing their brand and expertise.

Another strategy to consider is collaboration. Working with other wellness experts to expand your offerings, ensuring legal rights and clearances are in place.

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Video on demand has brought a paradigm shift to many industries. Wellness is certainly included. By strategically implementing VoD through thoughtful content creation, user-friendly platforms, and innovative service models, wellness professionals can elevate their brand and significantly enrich their clients’ journey toward health and well-being.

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