A thoughtful and targeted marketing strategy will be the cornerstone of any successful, thriving yoga studio. Whether you are just starting out or have owned a yoga business for a long time, there is great value in making time to review and evaluate how your current marketing strategy is performing. 

It’s important to define your client so you’re able to target your marketing, communication, and outreach efforts and align with the audience you are trying to attract to your yoga classes. The first step in better understanding the types of students you are trying to reach is to create marketing personas, an asset in helping you shape messaging and marketing content that will connect with your ideal student. 

What is a persona and what information should it include?

A persona is a written description that will include demographic, behavior, and lifestyle information. Some questions you’ll want to ask yourself include:

  • How old is my student?
  • What is their gender identity (if that’s relevant)?
  • Where do they work or what industry are they in?
  • What are their interests or hobbies?
  • Where do they live?
  • What are their goals for practicing yoga (or, whatever type of class you are offering – practicing pilates, taking dance class, etc.) 
  • What could prevent them from reaching these goals?

Tips for creating a persona

For some, it might feel counterintuitive to make such sweeping generalizations about your ideal student! Even though the process does involve making some assumptions, it’s also important to use tools at your disposal to provide you with a clear and granular understanding of the student you are trying to attract to your yoga class. Here are a couple of ways to do just that: 

  • Interview current or potential students: If you have an established yoga studio and want to bring in new yoga students, interviewing your current students is a great method for gaining insight that you can incorporate into your personas and solidify any of your assumptions. If you are just starting out, contact anyone that you know that fits your ideal yoga student profile. Who knows? They might become one of your first students! 
  • Evaluate your data: If you are a new yoga business owner with a recently published website and established social media, then it might be more difficult to review data to measure impact. For now, put time on your calendar in 3-6 months from now to remind you to review any data you’ve collected. If you run a yoga studio with an online presence, you will be able to access some data and insights about your audience. Check your social media insights and website analytics – observe any trends and patterns to refine your existing persona. If you’re noticing that different marketing channels attract different kinds of students, then create any additional personas so you can develop strategies that will suit them. 

Refine or define your targeting strategy

Once you have a solid set of personas to guide you, now it’s time to think about how to refine your existing strategy, or create a new strategy, depending on where you are on your business journey. This list is not exhaustive but these are some of the marketing and communications activities to examine:

  • Social media: based on the information in the personas, is your audience using social media? If so, which platforms and what time of day are they using them?
  • Email: how important will email be in building your business? Is your audience in their inbox on a daily basis?
  • Website: as you’re building your website, consider how your audience might find your website and what they will look for when they get there. Will they be directed to your website through a social media post, an email, or a friend’s recommendation? And, is your website’s information organized and easy to browse? 

Initially, creating personas might feel like extra work but effective marketing requires a clear understanding of your audience and this process will help you reflect on who you want to reach, and in turn, provide you with a clear direction of what marketing and communications tactics to spend your time on. 

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