So you have read our previous article and created your lead magnet with great content, a compelling Call To Action and a beautiful design, and now you need to launch it to the world – but how? There are many ways to drive people to your lead magnet, some paid, some not. In this article we will take you through the options you might want to consider for your business. 

But first, there is one important step to success you need to take:

Believe in yourself – and in your offering!

We know it sounds obvious but we have come across many wellness entrepreneurs that shy away from self-promotion because marketing is generally not the reason they were drawn to their profession. 

So let’s just take a moment to come to terms with the idea that marketing yourself to everyone – starting with friends, family and your social media following – is helpful to them. And the most support you will find is in those closer, personal connections. So tell people around you what you do, what you offer, and what you have going on as a starter for ten. 

This will not only build your confidence but it allows you to practice your message in a supportive space, with family and friends first, and it’s the first step to success for your business.

How to promote your lead magnet:

1. Create a dedicated landing page

A landing page is a primary way to showcase your lead magnet online. This is a page dedicated only to your lead magnet. It uses succinct, concise language to summarize the subject and outline what readers can expect to learn. and imagery, your audience is compelled into the Call To Action – to download your lead magnet. 

Landing pages come in all shapes and sizes and they can be standalone or part of your website. They are a very good resource for lead magnets and certainly need some consideration – learn all about landing pages in our in-depth article here. 

2. Use Your Website

Your OfferingTree website is perhaps the first natural place to put your lead magnet and one of the most successful – since visitors to your page are already seeking out your knowledge, they are much more likely to download your lead magnet from here. Here are some ideas for where to advertise it:

  • On your home page at the top – consider revising your website banner for a prime spot.
  • Link it on as many pages of the website as possible.
  • At the end of a blog post, when your reader is digesting your knowledge on a topic.
  • In an entrance or exit popup, to capture interest when they come to or leave the site.
  • Sprinkle the lead magnet throughout your content if you can.
  • Include it in your blog – more about that below.

3. Blog About Your Lead Magnet

Writing a blog post around your lead magnet is a great way to promote it. Think about creating some content around the issue that your lead magnet can solve. If, for example, your lead magnet is “5 Yoga Poses to Relieve Your Lower Back Pain” your blog post could talk about how yoga can release tension in the muscles, has a better long term success rate than pain-relieving medication, and some common cause of different types of body pain including lower back pain.

And don’t restrict your content building into one blog post; layer the information into as many blog posts as you can, including a button at the end of each blog post to sign up to the lead magnet.

Finally, consider connecting with other local professionals and suggest guest-blogging on each other’s websites. Example – if you offer dance classes, teaming up with a local yoga instructor can emphasize the need for warming up and down before and after dance classes. You can collaborate on cross-promotion which could also lead to referring clients to each other. 

4. Maximise Your Social Media 

Our old friend social media! Love it or hate it, most of the world’s population use it so it is worth leveraging the available platforms to spread your message. Here are some tips to share your lead magnet on your social media platforms:

  • Update your cover and profile photos to include your lead magnet image and Call To Action.
  • Add the lead magnet link to your Instagram bio.
  • Post about the lead magnet plenty of times! And remember, if a post appears to fall flat, don’t be disheartened – keep trying, post more than once and change up your language, times of day and images to see if it will work better with the algorithms.
  • Sprinkle relevant content into different social media posts, sharing your blog posts where you can.
  • Consider using social media ads; these will arrive in users newsfeeds as ‘sponsored ads’ and they allow you to drill down a lot on demographics for your viewers.
  • ‘Pin’ your lead magnet to the top of your Twitter and Facebook feeds.
  • Offer it as a freebie to your Facebook group members.
  • Add your lead magnet to the Media Section on your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Create a video on YouTube to promote your lead magnet and link to your landing page in the description.
  • Create a Facebook Live or a video for IGTV. 
  • Share it in Facebook and LinkedIn groups that allow self-promotion – more on this below.

5. Talk About Your Work in Groups and Forums

Online user groups and forums can be a great resource too. Here you can find an audience that is already interested in your product and that could be open to learning more about it.

However, users in these forums are usually accustomed to marketing attempts and many groups have rules around self-promotion. Be sure to understand the rules of the group or forum and be respectful in the way you post about your lead magnet because missteps can backfire. For example, a user that drops lead magnet links in random and unassociated threads throughout a group or forum can actually detract from their image, decreasing their authority on a subject and coming across as disconnected and unknowledgeable about their audience. 

6. Add it to your email signature

If you send emails frequently, or even if you don’t, consider adding a link to the lead magnet into your email signature so it gets into as many inboxes as possible. This can be an unexpected place to position your lead magnet so hs a good chance of catching the attention of the reader. 

7. Podcast About it 

Podcasts are a fantastic way to get your message out there to an audience that you can leverage to your business. Not many other media streams enable you to get a solid 30 – 45 minutes talking right into the ears of a captive audience. 

If you want to pitch successfully to a podcast, do your research. Which podcast is best suited to the audience that you hope to attract? Listen to their back catalogue and think on how you can offer them new and relevant content. Ensure that you know your message inside and out and can fill the time with interesting discussion. Podcast listeners want to take away something and apply it right then and there to their business, so consider your value-add to those listeners. Once you have all that info laid out, it’s time to contact your chosen podcast(s) and wow the host so they can’t wait to interview you!  

8. Send It By Email

This might be a no-brainer, but if you already have a captive audience through your email list, send the lead magnet out to them as a reward for being your loyal email subscriber! Work on a catchy subject line to encourage the readers to open it and view the lead magnet.

9. Create Posters, Business Cards & Flyers

In our digital world, it can be easy to overlook the old school methods of advertising. While it is true that most of the world is online, putting a poster on local community noticeboards can still be really effective. This is a tried, tested and trusted method of marketing that is so overlooked, you might find you are one of the few posters on the noticeboard. 

Also consider adding your lead magnet to your business card, or paying for advertising space in a local community newsletter. This way you can be sure you are reaching folks that are not online and also more eyes see your lead magnet, which is only ever a good thing. 

OfferingTree has a number of features to help you promote your business and vary what you offer. We have created a simple system for wellness and fitness professionals to manage their website, e-mail marketing, blog, appointments, and payments all in one spot! Our mission is to take care of the tech so you can focus more time on what you do best. Find out more at or drop us a note: And good luck with your lead magnet!

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