Michael Jay: OfferingTree’s Yoga Studio Wizard & Expert Reviewer

Hey there, I’m Michael Jay – Yoga Biz Champ, your go-to Certified Yoga Business Consultant on a mission to help studios not just survive but truly thrive.


With my background as a yoga teacher, former studio owner, and marketing aficionado, I’ve got the inside scoop on what it takes to make your yoga venture soar — which is why I’ve come on board as OfferingTree’s studio guy and expert reviewer.


You might’ve caught wind of my podcast, “Yoga Biz Champ,” where I dish out insights, chat with awesome industry leaders and inspiring studio owners where we drop nuggets of wisdom to elevate your fitness biz game.


I’m all about sharing the good stuff and bringing that British humor to the table – I promise, it’s not just tea and crumpets!


My coaching style is results-driven and effective. I’m not just here to guide; I’m here to deliver real results.

With my experience as a teacher, a consultant for studio owners, and as a former studio owner myself, I deeply understand the challenges you face. I’m committed to helping you overcome them and achieve tangible success.


My coaching packages are designed for every stage of your studio’s journey, whether you’re starting out your dream studio or scaling up an existing one. They’re packed with value and focused on giving you a solid return on investment.


My passion for yoga, my knack for business, and my genuine desire to see you rock your studio – it’s all wrapped up in what I do. I’m not about cookie-cutter advice; I’m about real talk, real results, and helping your studio become the next Biz Champ in town.

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