Blogs. We all see them. We all read them and you’ve more than likely subscribed to a few. Blogs are everywhere these days and there’s one that covers just about any topic you can imagine. While many people simply maintain a blog for fun and personal updates, blogs are also an important and reliable marketing tool for yoga teachers and fitness instructors.

One way to build your credibility as an expert in your field is to share relevant information and one of the easiest ways to do this is through a blog. Whether you focus teach yoga or fitness classes, your job is to educate and be part of important conversations happening in your community.

Still not convinced that maintaining a blog is worth your time or energy? Read on for 5 reasons why you should think about starting one for your yoga or fitness business. 

1. Showcase your passion and expertise

Being able to talk about concepts and ideas in your field is key in being a successful teacher. When you showcase your expertise or knowledge, it builds your credibility. As you develop a positive reputation for being an expert, whether it’s in yoga, mindfulness, fitness or dance, people will begin to trust you as a source for their own education. You may even offer your personal thoughts on a trend or hot topic in your community. Whether you share tutorials or share your opinions, you’re showing readers that you’re passionate about the field that you’re in.

2. Continuing education for yoga or fitness

Your job as a teacher is to educate your students. So, that means having a natural curiosity and interest in learning is a must, otherwise, you’ll quickly find that your teaching might grow stale and you may even lose that passion you once had for teaching. Maintaining a blog provides you with a great reason to dig into a new subject, concept, or idea related to your business. As you learn, you’ll be able to create new blog content and pass that information along to your audience. Everyone wins!

3. Develop your teaching voice and style 

A blog is a powerful platform to educate your audience, but in fact, publishing content can develop your skills as a teacher, as well. Writing about what you teach not only helps you develop your knowledge on a particular topic, you’ll also develop and sharpen your teaching voice. In the process of figuring out your teaching style, you’ll be able to take this to online or in-person classes. 

4. Find more yoga or fitness students

Blog posts can help rank you higher in search engine results and potentially bring more visitors to your website, and if you’re consistently providing great content, this will give your audience a reason to keep coming back. If you offer a newsletter, readers may be more inclined to subscribe, which helps grow your email list. Having this online presence provides you an opportunity to cultivate new followers, near and far.  

5. Get noticed with SEO 

SEO is the process of increasing your website traffic through web searches. You may have heard about SEO and thought, “Nope! Not for me.” While SEO can be a technical process, there are some non-technical ways to apply SEO to your marketing efforts like publishing new blog posts and content on a consistent basis. Look at that! You can get your website noticed with SEO without taking any extra steps beyond writing about what you already know and love! Here are a few other ideas you can try to help bump up your SEO.   

If you’re feeling ready to take the next step and start a blog for your fitness or yoga business, we’d love to help! Our software includes an easy-to-use blog platform along with a wealth of other features that will simplify and streamline your marketing efforts. Learn more at

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