Benefits of Offering Class Packs & Memberships

Feb 10, 2021

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


Building your yoga or fitness business is a journey. It takes time to define and clarify your goals, develop your business plan, and of course, cultivate and nurture your own students or clients. Just as growing your own business is a journey, your students and clients are on a journey, as well. So, how can you support their growth while ensuring you’re setting yourself up for success? In this article, we’ll talk about a few benefits of class packs and memberships and how these features can really be a win-win for you and your clients.

Secure recurring and upfront revenue

Selling class packs means more upfront income for you while memberships provide a recurring source of revenue. Memberships require a higher level of commitment from students while class packs tend to offer greater flexibility. Whether students purchase a class pack or membership, they will enjoy the benefits of having access to a consistent teacher and class while you enjoy the revenue that comes from selling classes upfront and in bulk. 

Packages and memberships enhance the student experience

Class packs provide additional financial security but they’re also beneficial to students, especially those who are looking for ways to commit to their practice. Students who sign up for class packs are more likely to make their practice a habit and become an engaged, loyal client! Remember, part of your role in providing health and wellness services is to support your students’ journeys, and providing various opportunities for them to stay loyal and engaged can be a motivating factor for them.

Streamline the registration process

We’re living in a digital world, more than ever these days! For this reason, it’s important to consider how to make it as easy as possible for students to enroll in your offerings. Offering class packs and memberships is one way to make your online registration process a quick and seamless one. When one of your students purchase a class pack, they won’t have to enter their credit card each time they register for one of your classes. They can simply check out your class offerings, click register, and they’re in! Identifying and removing any potential barriers can be a real boon to how your students engage. 

Build community

As more of your students purchase class packs and attend your classes on a regular basis, naturally you may start to form your own community! Whether you’re conducting classes virtually or in-person, both you and your most loyal students will enjoy the benefit of having a community to practice and grow with! 

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