Do you want your clients to come back time and time again? Of course, you do! Client retention is an important part of a successful business, no matter how large or small that business is. 

In wellness, client retention is especially relevant because your business can thrive on happy clients achieving their goals, enjoying your offerings and spreading referrals to their friends and families. 

And in 2022, when your business might be online and/or in-person, building that joy in your clients will help you stand out from other businesses offering similar services. 

What is Client Retention and Why Does it Matter?

When we talk about client retention in a yoga or wellness business, we are thinking of the number of clients that pass through the business (churn), versus the number that sticks around. 

Statistics show that businesses spend between 5 and 25 times more on attracting new clients than nurturing existing ones. If you think of that in terms of how much time you need to plough into your social media and lead magnets to attract new clients, versus how to build relationships with the clients you have already attracted, you can see what the value might be.

There are a few ways to calculate this retention and churn, and if you are a small business, you might already have a good grasp of how many clients pass through your business year on year. It’s always helpful to keep an eye on this figure because this is where we can adjust the business to try to improve retention. Here are some tips to help:

1. Wow Your New Clients

Ever walked into a store and been completely ignored by the staff, when you actually need guidance? No one wants to be followed around the store by an over-keen assistant earning their commission, but there is a happy place in between those two scenarios where you want your business to sit. 

The first interaction with a business is usually the most memorable. Clients will remember a friendly greeting, an informed staff member or a fantastic first class. Making the first impression a great one is how to score a home run with a new client.

How can we make sure every client has the same (or similar) awesome experience? You might establish a protocol for how you want that experience to go, and practice it because consistency is key. If you do have staff members, walk them all through the same protocol for new clients, whether that is how they welcome clients into offerings, being generous with their time, or asking questions and suggesting offerings that might work for that client. You can even automate your client experience with an email nurture campaign, which you can set up in your email marketing within the OfferingTree platform.

Collect a client’s contact details so you can keep in touch and remind them of your business. Not everyone becomes a client immediately, but if you add them into your nurture sequence you can keep in touch and when the time is right for them, they will know where you are and what you do, and how you can serve them.

2. Connection & Nurturing

Making a connection with your clients is so important in client retention. If a client gets that warm and fuzzy feeling of being identified, recognized and valued by you and your business, they are so much more likely to develop loyalty toward you. This might not be a speedy process because authentic connections can take time. However, you can facilitate this by asking questions, building an understanding of their likes, dislikes and personality and using your contact notes to remember things about that client or their goals.   

Follow up with new clients and potential clients. Send an email after their first class to check in on how it went. Ask for feedback, and make it easy for them to sign up for something else. 

3. Add Value and Meet Goals

Are there goals you can help your clients meet? If you are a fitness professional, goals are something that is usually outlined at your first meeting, and reviewed regularly as part of the client’s progress. If you can provide a service such as a massage, physiotherapy or yoga, there are goals in those modalities too. 

Helping your clients work toward their goals is part of nurturing, as you develop your understanding of what they value, and hope to gain through working with you. And remember, goals work both ways. As much as they give your clients a focus and a sense of achievement, they give you, the practitioner, a framework within which to achieve those goals with your client. It’s a win-win. 

4. Keep Things Interesting 

If variety is the spice of life, then bringing some into your offerings is a wise move.  And while you don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every single offering a client attends, having a choice of lengths,  styles, time-slots or types of offering means broadening your appeal to new clients as well as retaining the interest of existing clients. 

Check out our blog post on Trends in the Wellness Industry for 2022 to understand more about evolving preferences and habits from the last two years. 

5. Invite Feedback & Reward Loyalty

Another great way to make clients feel valued and part of your community is to ask them for feedback, whether face to face or via a survey, you can ask clients to review your business and make suggestions. This way, you can be guided by what your clients want, and get an insight into how to adjust elements of your offerings to reflect those suggestions. 

Showing loyal clients that you notice their commitment and growth within your business is a very important part of client retention. This might look like recognizing landmarks in their use of your business such as 50 classes attended, or 

Using a referral system (bring a friend for free, get a free week if a new client signs up) is a smart way to get the two proverbial birds with one stone – a loyal client reward plus new clients to join your nurture sequence. 

6. Build Community

When clients love a business, it creates a desire to share and talk about it with others. And when they form a community around that business, it helps the business grow  in a myriad of ways: 

  • Builds social and emotional connections within your  client base 
  • Adds value to each client in the community
  • Emotional benefits to clients who meet new friends and  build social structures 
  • Clients receive encouragement and support from the  community 
  • Builds credibility in and around your business as those  clients spread the word to others
  • Creates a base for you to market your new offerings to,  and get feedback and support from. 
  • You can foster connections within your community by introducing clients to one another during offerings, or by hosting a community on a platform such as Circle.

You can host in-person and online social events, connect clients with each other if they have something in common or can support each other professionally, and all the ways we can network together. 

We have lots of learning tools available to the OfferingTree community. As well as monthly educational webinars with our partners in the wellness industry, you can check out our blog posts for tips and tricks in running your business, covering everything from improving your SEO rating on Google to lighting your online space.

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