Establishing and growing your fitness or wellness business is a process, each building block adding value to your overall professional practice. Now that you’ve hopefully built a website, have a solid understanding of your ideal client, and how you can share your expertise with this audience, it’s a good time to think about other tactics you can use to further your efforts.

What’s a lead magnet and why do they matter?

This brings us to lead generators AKA lead magnets (we will use the terms interchangeably in this article). There is a good chance you have seen these and even been the recipient of one.

Lead magnets are an opt-in incentive to build interest and get contact information from potential clients or students. Most commonly you will see an offer for the free resource provided in exchange for an email address. The incentive can come in a variety of forms such as a short audio track, a step-by-step guide presented in a PDF, a webinar, or an eBook. 

No matter the medium, lead magnets are designed to contain high-value content from a provider (that would be you, the fitness or wellness professional) with the hope that a student or client will be interested in learning more or signing up for your offering. Besides gaining contact information and building your list of potential clients, there are other benefits to creating a lead magnet: 

  • Builds credibility: Your lead magnet is a great opportunity to show that you’re an expert in your field and that you are a trustworthy provider of the service that you’re offering. As a lead magnet aims to provide something of value to the potential client or student without a purchase, it shows that you are committed to helping address an issue or challenge.
  • Create follow-up action: Once a potential client or student has engaged with your resource, hopefully, they’ll feel inspired to follow up and take action. This is great news and important to remember because that means your lead generator has helped the individual. Why is that important? Now that you’ve provided an insight or advice that has helped, there’s a good chance that the person will remember you and your offerings when they feel stuck again and will return to your website to see if you have any additional information that can help them. The original lead magnet you created proved to be helpful and they will hopefully keep you top of mind next time they are seeking a resource to help them. Also, once you receive contact information, this gives you permission to reach out in the future to offer another resource that builds on the original lead generator.
  • Eventually, lead to new clients: Your lead magnet should be valuable enough that your prospective clients or students are excited to hear from you because they remember how your free resource provided valuable information without any strings attached. It’s also important that after you’ve distributed your lead magnet that you use this as an opportunity to build yourself as a trustworthy resource. Just like with any relationship, it takes time to build a meaningful connection and establish trust.  Do not rush this process and please treat your clients with respect. This means avoid sending emails such as, “Sign up now!” or “Buy a class pass today!” Remember they originally signed up to receive your lead magnet because they thought you could provide helpful insights into an issue they are trying to address and have agreed to receive communications from you so handle their contact information with respect. 

How to get a lead magnet

When you are creating your first lead magnet, our best suggestion is to keep it simple. As you’re thinking about what to include on this resource, avoid the temptation to try and solve an entire problem. This could be overwhelming to not only the potential student or client, but yourself! Keep it simple by considering one step or action that the individual could take towards addressing the issue they’re concerned with. For example, you could provide a PDF containing five tips for establishing a healthy nighttime routine, if you are trying to provide information on getting better sleep. Or, three exercises someone can easily practice while waiting for their coffee to brew, if you are aiming to reach busy professionals. Whatever it is, the key is to provide information that is actionable and specific. This will be most meaningful for your prospective clients as it taps into the power of achieving small wins and taking a tangible, actionable step to resolve their pain point.  

When you’re first starting out,  we don’t recommend creating an in-depth or robust lead generator. Rather start small and work up to larger lead generators as you develop your skill and confidence in developing content. 

I have a lead magnet…now what?

Once you’ve created your first lead generator, it’s time to start spreading the word. Start with contacting your network of family, friends, and others that you think will share your lead generator, and be sure to ask them to share it with people they think will find your resource helpful. 

You can also use social media and other online forums to get the word out. Remember when you first started out and you identified your ideal client or student? This is another great opportunity to visit any online groups, forums, or discussion threads that you may have come across in your initial research. Another idea is to create a social media post and spend a few dollars on “boosting” your post so you can potentially reach new people.

The bottom line: You’ve spent the time on creating a free, useful resource so don’t feel shy about sharing it far and wide.  

At OfferingTree we know figuring out the technical process for delivering your lead generator can take time and energy. That’s why we have developed a system to help you automate the steps of collecting contact information and sending your resource. Check out how the lead generator feature works and learn how else our email marketing tool can free you up to focus on creating great lead magnets and content. Need some more ideas and pointers on what to do next? Take a look at this article over on our blog

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