9 Massage Advertising Strategies to Get More Clients

Jun 29, 2023

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


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Promoting and advertising your massage therapy business is crucial for its growth, so it’s important to determine the best ways to market your list of massage services. But what kinds of massage promotional ideas will help elevate your massage therapy business to new heights?

Massage therapy promotion will always be important, no matter how long you’ve had a massage therapy business. Your time is valuable, so the massage marketing strategies you use need to be practical in your journey to growing your massage business. Find inspiration in our massage therapy marketing ideas as you learn ways how to increase massage clients for your business.

a massage therapist applying oils to the back of a client before massaging

Massage Therapy Advertising Best Practices

Before learning how to grow a massage business, there are marketing best practices that should be considered. The objective of marketing is to reach new customers and encourage previous ones to return. However, marketing best practices differ across industries, so wellness marketing needs to consider what type of person would benefit from your services.

For instance, when you have promotional flyers, you should put the massage therapy ads in places that you know your current and potential clients frequent, like a gym. Flyer placement requires intuitive thinking about who your target audience is and why they would interact with your massage therapy ads.

Four major massage advertising and promotions practices that should be followed include:

  • Follow Your Business Plan: Don’t forget about your business plan; it should have information like target audience, key messaging, and your code of ethics that will guide your marketing efforts
  • Keep a Consistent Brand and Voice: Brand awareness is only as strong as the brand image you present, so make sure it’s consistent
  • Have a Collaboration Mindset: Partnerships and referrals can help spread the word of your business more organically
  • Maintain a Strong Online Presence: Your business can be discoverable on something people use every day, so don’t forget the power of having a website or social media presence

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9 Massage Promotion Ideas For How To Promote Your Massage Business

The massage therapy promotional best practices are a guide to highly effective ways how to promote your massage business. The fun begins with creating promotional material and figuring out what marketing channels you will use.

While it may be daunting to figure out where to start and where to post massage services, the community that you build and engage with in the end will make it totally worth it. Feel confident in your skills as a massage therapist and a business owner as you dive into these massage therapy advertising examples of how to make your massage business stand out.

Develop An Online Presence

As a business owner, you need a digital presence for anyone to easily find you. This ranges from having a Google Business Profile filled out as much as possible to having your own website. Some organic ways to market your business online are creating a blog that discusses topics that clients are asking about, having detailed landing pages on a website that specifies the services you offer and the prices, and posting valuable content on social media. Having your own website to host all your online information is key. It gives you control of the hub of information for your business.

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Add Yourself To Local Business Listings

Your online journey for how to market your massage business continues with adding yourself to local business listings. Doing this makes you more easily discoverable in your local area by providing different avenues for potential clients to find you.

While creating a Google Business Profile is a great way to start, don’t stop there! Add yourself to platforms like Yelp for further exposure. When someone leaves a review on your business, try to reply to it. This confirms to Google and people looking at your business profile that this is a legitimate business.

Utilize Social Media For Local Engagement And Special Deals

Have fun growing your business by posting pictures and videos online! Social media is a powerful marketing tool that extends your business. It presents your business’ brand, voice, and services to curious potential customers and loyal members.

Drive more value with your social media by posting special deals that are only featured on your social media. Deals can include offering a discount for a certain day or promoting free massages at an event. This encourages retained clients to engage with your business and come back.

Execute Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing involves sending promotional content to a group of people you have collected emails from. It’s a direct line of communication between the business and the client. Compared to organic SEO marketing with your website or social media marketing, email marketing is direct massage advertisement, so ensure your email marketing provides value like promotional offers or updates. You can collect emails when people schedule an appointment or at an event with a giveaway.

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an example of the front and back of a massage therapy business card

Hand Out Massage Therapy Business Cards

Whether you have a mobile massage therapy business or a permanent location, having a business card is a simple way how to get more massage clients. When someone takes a business card, they have your business information physically, reminding them to go back or refer someone else to go.

On your business card, make your business front and center with your logo. Keep the text font simple and easy to read. Things to include are your main social media account, a phone number, your hours, and your location. Take it up a notch by including a QR code to your scheduling calendar, and watch the appointments come in.

Collaborate With Other Wellness Services

How to get new massage clients is made easier when partnering with other fitness and wellness professionals. Partnerships and collaborations encourage sharing a pool of clients with each other, providing a consistent supply of referrals. Tapping into wellness businesses like chiropractors, yoga studios, and fitness centers can be as easy as approaching the business owner and convincing them of the value each business can bring the other. Also, consider sharing each other’s business cards to continue the chain of referrals.

Offer Memberships and Packages

What better way to encourage clients to register for your services than to provide membership perks and packages? Offering these types of deals builds trust with the client base that your business provides additional value through your services.

Memberships and packages can be offered year-round, like offering an oil package where the client gets to choose the oils that are used during massage therapy. Packages can also be tied with holidays to encourage people to spend their time with your business. This can include things like holiday-themed snacks and beverages offered before or after the massage.

Volunteer At Local Events

Engaging in community events presents a remarkable opportunity to establish local connections and expand your network. By actively involving yourself in the organization and preparation of local events, you create valuable opportunities to promote your massage therapy business. Remember to equip yourself with marketing materials like business cards and flyers, which you can readily distribute to interested individuals.

Additionally, consider providing short, complimentary (or low-cost) massages at these events. This strategic move allows you to not only demonstrate your exceptional skills but also forge meaningful connections with potential clients. Be sure to generate ample buzz around your attendance at such events. Spread the word among your existing clients and friends across all your communication channels. Ultimately, your objective is to enrich the event experience and extend its value by attracting a larger audience.

Host An Open House

Hosting an open house is a wonderful way to invite friends, family, and potential clients to experience your business firsthand. You can even use a rented space or your own home. It’s an opportunity to showcase your offerings, connect with people, and receive valuable feedback on your massage services. Provide light refreshments, prepare a brief introduction about your venture, and let your loved ones support and spread word of mouth for your business.

a message therapist applying pressure to the temple of a client during a massage

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What Is The Best Way To Advertise A Massage Business?

It may be difficult to answer the questions, “What is the best way to advertise a massage business?” or “Where can I advertise my massage service?” But the answers depend on the services you provide, the size of your business, and the amount of time and bandwidth you have to do massage therapy marketing. Start with the marketing efforts you know you can maintain. When you have time or a team of people to help, experiment with other creative massage advertising that will reach your ideal clients.

Use OfferingTree To Promote Your Massage Therapy Business

How to market your massage therapy business can be difficult at times. The ways how to promote your massage therapy business listed above are a good step in growing your massage therapy business. Let OfferingTree help you continue to grow and assist with your business marketing and management! We offer an all-in-one solution for client communication, managing memberships, payment collection, and more. Try our software free for 7 days. Get started today!

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