We believe that newsletters and emails are an effective way to communicate with your audience but in order for email marketing to really work, you need people to email! This means that once you’ve decided to add emails to your marketing strategy, you’ll need to grow your email list. But how can I build an email list, you might be asking? This can seem really daunting but there are ways to tap into your existing content, clients, and students that will help in building your email list. Here are some ideas to grow your email list:

Offer a webinar or virtual event

Creating a webinar tailored to your ideal student or client can be a great way to capture interest and email addresses. While offering a webinar will require greater investment in time and resources to create and promote, the outcomes could be great. In order to get the word about your webinar, experiment with paid social media ads, share with students or clients, ask your studio or fitness center to include them in their newsletter or social media. Extend an invitation to other folks that you know but don’t currently practice with you (yet!) such as co-workers, friends, family, and other members of your community.

Gifts for newsletter subscribers

You’ve likely seen this before and maybe even signed up for a newsletter because of a free offer like a meditation practice, yoga video, or e-book. This is called a lead magnet and can be a very effective way to build your email list while establishing yourself as a trusted teacher and resource. If you’re an OfferingTree user, you have access to email marketing features to help you deliver your lead magnet and keep your email lists organized. Learn more about lead magnets in our article here

Tell people about your newsletter

This suggestion might seem completely obvious but for some folks, it can be tough to put themselves out there, including telling people about their newsletter. However, spreading the word about your newsletter can be done in subtle and passive ways such as adding a link to your email signature, sharing on social media, emailing your current contacts or students. Even when you’re talking to someone about what you do, simply mentioning that you send out a newsletter could be a great way to invite someone in closer to your work. 

Find opportunities to share your expertise

Another tried and true strategy for increasing your reach and building your list is to reach out to media outlets in your field and offer to share your expertise. Identify established blogs, podcasts, and other outlets that already have traffic then pitch an idea to them. Offer to write an article or be a guest contributor. If your idea is accepted, you’ll be able to share your name, bio, and link to your website which can generate new leads that you would not have had access to before. 

These are only a few ways to go about growing your email list. In order to get your name out there, you’ll need to put in some legwork and not be shy. Use these suggestions as a springboard for other ideas and once people know you’re around and what you offer, you’ll begin to generate a list of interested and potential students. Looking for a simple way to keep a list of subscribers and send out a newsletter? Look no further than OfferingTree! See how our newsletter tool works here and visit OfferingTree.com to get started today.

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