6 Blog Strategies to Captivate & Attract by Crunch Ranjani

Mar 3, 2022

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


Blogging is DEAD… But is it really? Sure, blogging may not be as popular as it was a few years ago, but don’t let the TikTok-ers and Instagram influencers fool you into thinking that your wellness business couldn’t benefit from having a blog!

There is a multitude of reasons why you should start a blog in your wellness business, even in the age of social media. They’re great for attracting new visitors to your website, demonstrating your expertise and experience, not to mention sharing valuable information with your audience. A well-written and regularly updated blog also helps you establish yourself as an authority in your industry and showcase a little bit of your dazzling personality! And why wouldn’t you want to showcase the awesome human that you undoubtedly are?

Besides, blogs are free, easy to set up with OfferingTree, and they exist on a platform you control (unlike Facebook and Instagram which can and do occasionally stop working for hours, or forever)! All things considered, there’s not any downside to having a blog for your wellness business – apart from never wanting to get off your private soapbox!

I’m going to be sharing six strategies on how you can easily write an amazing blog post that will do wonders for your wellness business.

#1: Start with a Hook

36 million Americans practice yoga. Why are YOU struggling to get students in your classes? Keep reading to find out the top 3 mistakes yoga teachers make when marketing their classes. 

Many yoga teachers have trouble getting students to sign up for classes. Here are some ways to market your classes and get more students to sign up.

Which grabs your attention? Which makes you sit up and think ‘oh gosh, that’s interesting – I want to know more!’?

The opening lines of your blog post are crucial to grabbing your reader’s attention so that they keep reading instead of scrolling by. Start with something interesting (we call this a hook!) to engage your reader so that they’re inspired to click on that <Read More> button!

Use imagery and descriptive words to draw your reader into an imaginary scenario, or ask a question that draws your reader in. You can also share an attention-grabbing statistic or a controversial statement related to your topic to really hook your reader and reel them in!

#2: Use Signposts

Imagine you’re in a new city for vacation. You walk out of your hotel, eager to explore the sights… except none of the streets have signs and you have no idea where you are! Frustrating? That’s how a reader feels when your blog post lacks signposts!

Signposts (a.k.a. headings) in your blog posts act as helpful guides for readers and allow them to quickly and easily figure out exactly what you’re talking about in that particular section. Now, this doesn’t just refer to the title, although you do want to have a great title that captures the main essence of what you’re talking about in your blog post.  Within the blog post itself, you need to have clear headings that break up the content into easily readable sections.

Clear headings act like sign posts to tell readers exactly what that particular section covers, and make it easy for them to navigate your blog post. It also makes it easier for people who are skimming through to get the gist of your blog post without having to read every single word – let’s be real, not everyone has the time (or the attention span) to read through a 1000-word article!

#3. Include SEO keywords

How do you get found by people searching for the services you offer? By using SEO keywords in your blog post, of course! SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, and simply put, SEO keywords are what help search engines like Google understand what your blog post is about. Use them appropriately in your title, headings, and body, and sit back and watch your web traffic numbers grow!

If you’re wondering what kind of SEO keywords to use in your blog posts but aren’t sure where to look, Google is a great place to start. This is not a perfect or foolproof strategy, but if you’re not doing any kind of SEO research at all, this is an excellent option to jump in with very little extra help

Simply head over to Google and start typing something related to your business, or a question that your clients often ask you about. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher for expectant parents, you might start by typing in “prenatal yoga”. Google will start auto-filling your search, and you can simply add those to your SEO keywords list. You can also refine your search by adding or removing words to see what other phrases people are searching for. Within the search results, Google also offers “People Also Ask” suggestions, and this can be another option to guide your SEO keyword research.

>>Pro Tip: Move your cursor to the start of the search term and Google will show you predictions with the words in different parts of the search query!

To write a blog post that shows up in search results, use keyword phrases of three to five words that relate directly to what your audience is searching for. Try to include a variety of keywords throughout the blog post, but don’t force it or overdo it because you’ll get penalized for it!

Including SEO keywords when writing a blog post is essential to ensure that your blog content gets indexed (cataloged, to put it simply) by search engines like Google. When you use relevant keywords in your blog post, your content has a better chance of getting found by people who are looking for the solutions you offer.

#4: K.I.S.S.

I know, you’re an expert in your field and it can be tempting to share EVERYTHING you know about the topic when writing your blog post. Unfortunately, most people have the attention span of Dug from the movie Up (“Squirrel!”), so strategy #4 is: Keep It Short and Simple (K.I.S.S).

You’re not writing a Ph.D. thesis – a blog post is not the place to share all the things you’ve learned in your years of experience in your field. Avoid using jargon that nobody else but seventeen extremely specialized people would understand – think ‘downward facing dog’ instead of ‘adho mukha svanasana’, and ‘“good” cholesterol’ instead of ‘high-density lipoproteins’.

Another strategy to keep things short and simple is to stay focused on a particular topic or focus area. There’s no need to share every single bit of information you have in just one blog post. Instead, spread them out over several blog posts. This will not only help you build out the content for your website, but it will also have readers coming back for more!

#5: End with a Powerful Call to Action

Your reader has just spent a good few minutes reading your blog post. What do you want them to do at the end? Leave a comment? Sign up for your newsletter? Book a free consultation call with you? Whatever it is that is their next step, you have to tell them explicitly! Don’t just leave them hanging!

A powerful call to action (telling your reader what to do) is a must at the end of every single blog post. So often, people focus so much on providing great value to their readers in their blogpost that they neglect to think about what they should do after reading the blog post. That’s why it is critical to tell people about the action you want them to take at the end of every single blog post!

#6: Review And Edit

There’s no denying that writing a blog post can be challenging. As you work through writing an interesting and useful blog post for your audience, chances are you’ll probably make mistakes. No need to beat yourself up about it, but do take a few minutes to review and edit before hitting ‘Publish’.

It can also be a good idea to take a break after writing your blog post to do something different like going for a walk, stretching, or taking a quick nap. Switching gears for a while between writing and editing gives your brain time to reset and refresh so that you can come back to your work with fresh eyes. Tools like Grammarly can also be handy to identify and correct errors and polish up your writing before your blog post goes live.

Writing a regular blog is a great way to share useful information with your readers, grow your audience, and showcase your personality on a platform you control. With these six tips in mind, you’ll be writing engaging and informative blog posts in no time at all!

Looking for a new system to help distribute your content? Look no further than OfferingTree, where we have created a simple system for wellness and fitness professionals to manage their website, e-mail marketing, blog, appointments, and payments all in one spot! Our mission is to take care of the tech so you can focus more time on what you do best. Find out more at OfferingTree.com .

Crunch Ranjani (she/her) is a content creator for purpose-driven health and wellness professionals. She believes that we need more diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities – so she loves working with business owners who do too. Crunch can help you create valuable content that makes a positive impact in the world, leaving you with more time and energy to create change in your communities.

To learn more about Crunch, her work and to hire her, visit her website, and follow Crunch on Instagram.


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