It’s the question that’s on everybody’s mind. When will life return to the way we knew it before the Covid-19 pandemic? Even as the vaccine continues to roll out, there are many factors that will go into the efficacy of a vaccine such as how many people take it and the overall effectiveness of the first vaccines that come out.

Vaccine aside, there are other factors that will impact the way life looks going forward. Requirements such as face coverings, temperature checks upon entry into public places, and social distancing are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. The other factor that is sure to stay is technology. People have adapted to the use of technology in innovative ways as they navigated work, school, and social lives. 

While some of these factors are determined by public policy, there are other behaviors and routines that people have undertaken on their own accord to adapt to the times we’re living in. These are habits to take into account as you’re planning for the future of your fitness or wellness business. Consider the following ways that people have adapted and may very well take into their lives even after a vaccine becomes available.

Increased DIY mentality:

When hair salons had to close, people started to cut and dye their own hair. Or, when home remodeling contractors had to cease doing business out of safety, homeowners found themselves becoming their own home renovation experts. This has also become true for individuals who found themselves with more time to explore hobbies and interests so it’s worth keeping this in mind as you’re thinking about the future of your fitness or wellness business. Your students may be seeking ways to strengthen their practice from home. This is an opportunity to support their journey whether it’s delivering classes or private sessions via Zoom, offering membership packages, or starting a YouTube channel or blog with pre-recorded classes so your students always have an opportunity to practice with you, on their time. 

Prioritizing health and wellness:

At the beginning of the pandemic, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people say they felt like they had even less time than they did before as everyone initially filled the space with virtual happy hours, meetings, and events.  Now people have found ways to balance their work-life responsibilities and draw boundaries. This includes making time for self-care. Another consequence of the pandemic has been more time for reflection and in these challenging times, people are paying attention to their health and wellness. 

Embracing technology:

In a year when Zoom has become a household name and phrases like “You’re on mute” are a staple of most meetings, we have all had to embrace technology one way or another. Think about your student or client base when it comes to technology. Are they the kind of folks who encountered a steep learning curve, or is your demographic the type that seamlessly adapted to the world of remote working, learning, and socializing? The way we use technology is unlikely to revert back to the way we did before and if anything, we can probably expect to see even more innovative changes in technology in the years to come, even as a vaccine becomes available for the coronavirus. 

While your students or clients may return to some of their old habits in the future, our way of life will still be modified by new procedures and we can also expect new routines to continue to emerge through technological advancements. If you are looking for an all-in-one system that has the flexibility to grow with your wellness or fitness business, we would love to hear from you! Send us a message: or visit us at

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