Having an online presence has never been more crucial to a wellness business than in 2021, and setting up a website has never been easier than with OfferingTree.

Pulling your website together – figuring out what pages you need, what content to add in and how to make the website attractive to your ideal client – is a challenge that we know a lot about, especially for businesses in the wellness industry. So we developed this handy guide to help you pull together the best, and most effective, website with OfferingTree. 

Site Navigation

Let’s begin with the basic navigation on your site. With OfferingTree, you have an almost infinite capacity to add pages to your website, with all kinds of information about you and your services. Our advice is to err on the side of simplicity – having too much choice can be overwhelming for your site visitor, and could potentially have them clicking away to something less busy. Here are the pages that we recommend as a baseline:

  • Home
  • About
  • Schedule
  • Events
  • On-Demand Content

With our easy publish/unpublish buttons you can add or remove pages from the navigation bar very easily, and whenever you like. Got a workshop that you only run twice a year? Publish the page when you need to, unpublish when you don’t. Simple! 

Home Page

In your OfferingTree site, the home page is your main page of the site – often the first page a visitor lands on. And when a client lands here, they are looking for more information to know if this business is actually for them and suits what they are looking for, and this comes across much better if you speak directly to them, to their needs and their problems.

So before you write your content for this page, think about what your ideal client would want to read in order to be drawn in; who are they, what are they looking for in your business? Developing a persona for your business is a great tool in defining this because when you know who they are likely to be, you can write a home page that speaks to them and lets them know they are in the right place. If you need more information on how to develop a persona for your business, check out our earlier article on that here.

About Page

The About page is your space to say something about you – your why, your business journey, and to flesh out the face (or faces) behind the business. Often a visitor will navigate straight to this page to make sure they are in the right place, so this page should reflect the key things you want that visitor to know about you and about your business. 

As well as what you write, the way you write it is important. When talking about yourself, does the first person feel more appropriate (and less formal) for what you are trying to achieve, or do you prefer the third person? Third-person can feel a little like a job interview, but again, this depends entirely on what you want your business to reflect about you. 


We talked a little about how to create a good schedule for your business in this article, and it applies to any services in the wellness industry. Challenge yourself to keep the description of your offerings interesting and concise.

On your OfferingTree site, a short version of your upcoming schedule can be displayed on the home page, and you can choose (with your publish or unpublish button) whether to switch this schedule off. It’s a useful way for a visitor to see what is coming up and to navigate straight to an offering that they might be interested in.

Subscribe Button

Your website is the online space where you and only you control the contact list. On social media platforms, the followers you have or likes on your page and the interactions you create on there (including all your posted content) is ultimately owned by, and under the control of, the social media company that owns the platform. If for any reason – and this happens more than you would think – your social media page is taken over or shut down, you immediately lose all those followers. Scary, huh? 

However, your website visitors are yours and yours alone and so try to collect their contact information when they land on your website. One great way to do this is to set up a lead magnet – in essence, free exchange for their contact information. You can also make sure your subscribe button is switched on, and you can edit what the buttons say to engage those visitors. 

In your OfferingTree site you can also set your subscribe button to appear on your site in a variety of ways – you can even add it in as its own page. However and wherever you choose to place it, just be sure that you do, and that you have an email nurture campaign set up to keep in touch with them, sending an immediate intro email (possibly with a discount code) can be a wonderful idea. 


Got some feedback on your business that you want to share? We fully support you! Sharing reviews and testimonials is a really important part of building client trust and loyalty in your business. Who wouldn’t want to see their name and kind words on your website? In your OfferingTree site, there are a few different ways you can show testimonials – see our article here to learn more.


SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is a big topic that you can read more about in our earlier articles here and here. In short, this is how your business gets found on the search engines such as Google, and while you don’t need to know all the tech details of that process, it is a good idea to have a basic handle on SEO when you are writing your website content. Because having words on your website that reflect some search terms that your ideal client might be popping into Google means that you will be listed higher on their search. Say, for example, someone searches ‘Massage Therapist in Tiny Town, State’ your business should feature on that listing – if you have detailed the name of your town and state on your website. 

But of course, a business is more than its location and because it is important to talk a lot about what you do, we also have blog posts on your OfferingTree site to add to your SEO potential. See below!


A blog can be a very important part of both your website and your marketing strategy. We have gone into a lot more detail on that here in this article, but in essence, taking the time to write your thoughts, experiences, guidance or business aims into a blog post not only gives your clients some content to read, it also fleshes out your business, personalizes you, enables you to rank higher on SEO scores and provides a base for content that you can use in your other marketing. 

While writing blog posts can be time-consuming and might feel unfamiliar, finding your tone and your voice in the written word can set your wellness business up for success. Any blog content can then be repurposed into other marketing – social media or newsletters –  so it really is a solid investment of your time! 


When it comes to using images on your OfferingTree website, consider this advice:

  • Have an image on every page

You never know which page a visitor might land on, or gravitate toward. So having an image on each page, even if it is the same image on every page, really gives your visitor that reminder of who you are and of your business.

  • Make them personal

The best images are those that reflect you and your own business. These might be you performing some services, or simply posing for a photograph. There is so much value in bringing in your website visitors into the space and experience that they will see and have within your business. This manages their expectations about you, and about what they are investing in when they commit to buying from you. 

  • Ensure the quality

You don’t need to hire an expensive expert or photographer to get good quality images, although you might choose to. With the advanced technology of smartphones, it’s easy to get good images, it might just take a little practice to get the right shot. 

We dug deeper into how to get good images for your website in this article

We would love your feedback! 

If you have been with us a while, you will know how much we enjoy building the features that you ask for. Coming up in Fall of 2021 we have some exciting new site updates that have been in the pipeline for a while and we know you are going to love them!

If you have any questions or suggestions for OfferingTree, we would love to hear them! You can comment below this article, email us at hello@offeringtree.com or join our Facebook User group too. Thank you for being part of our growing community of wellness professionals!

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