Yoga & Wellness Websites on OfferingTree – Part 1

Jun 7, 2021

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


We love to watch our users build their websites on the OfferingTree platform, with their unique designs and creative branding. Our users encompass a broad range of modalities in the wellness industry from yoga, pilates, meditation, massage and dance businesses and we enjoy taking care of the tech so they can focus on building their businesses. 

For a long time, we have wanted to create a blog post that showcases some of our user websites, but it is so tough to choose just a few of our favourites! So we have compromised – this is part one of an ongoing series containing our favourite user websites.

Below are four of our current favourites, along with some information about the businesses they represent.

1. Yoga and Counseling

First up, we have Marissa Tolero, owner of Yoga and Counseling. Marissa is a licensed psychotherapist and yoga teacher, and she set up this OfferingTree site two years ago to support her yoga and talk therapy business. We love the uplifting image on the home page; can you feel the sun on your skin already?!

Marissa says the set up of her website was “very easy and user friendly!”. In designing the site, Marissa told us that she started from scratch, using Canva to decide on the colours she would use. 

Regularly using the email, class scheduling and blog posting features keeps Marissa’s business on track, and the thing she enjoys the most about her OfferingTree site is “the fact that it’s very easy to use and the expansion of new functions and services (i.e., memberships)”.

More about Marissa – Marissa integrates compassion focused therapy and yoga to help women and queer folks build skills to navigate anxiety, trauma, stress as a result of systemic oppression, and much more. In every session, you’ll experience a yoga practice, talk therapy, and a guided meditation, which are personalized to your needs and goals. Ultimately, Marissa hopes you will develop a compassionate self that empowers you to not only overcome, but thrive, as a woman and/or queer person.

Follow Marissa on Instagram to learn more and to work with her.

2. Leading Heart Wellness

Next up is Lisa Hunter’s Leading Heart Wellness website. Here is a shot of her homepage – we love the contrast of the dark background with the peaceful image at the centre. 

Lisa has been using OfferingTree for her website for over a year and regularly uses email marketing, class scheduling and blog features for her business. To design her site, Lisa said “I started from scratch although I had already secured my yoga name and had branding colors in mind. I looked at a few other OfferingTree websites to get ideas too.”

“Setting up the website was very easy” said Lisa. ” The user interface is very easy to navigate and the supportive videos and tutorials are there to answer any questions. I appreciate how easy it is to manage the website. I can add and remove offerings and change the schedule in minutes. I have another full-time job, so having a website that is easy to manage and navigate is essential for me! I also appreciate that OfferingTree is continuing to add new features and respond to customer feedback. The team is very helpful!”

This is music to our OfferingTree ears, thank you Lisa!

More about Lisa – My name is Lisa Hunter and I am the founder and CEO of Leading Heart Wellness. I offer private and group yoga classes and wellness coaching to help high-achieving women leaders manage stress, anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm so that they can physically and emotionally thrive under any circumstances and live and lead with heart.

Follow Lisa on Facebook and Instagram here.

3. Sara Villamil Movement

Check out the warm tones and peaceful vibe of Sara Villamil Movement. Sara is a long-time yoga teacher and teacher trainer in Calgary, Alberta, and she switched to OfferingTree from another platform early in 2021. We love the simple design on Sara’s website. Sara designed the site from scratch, changing it up from her previous website design, and using only uppercase in the website name is a really simple and stylish finish. 

Sara regularly uses membership/packages to serve her clients, and she also sells On-Demand videos. She keeps in touch with clients through her weekly blog and regular emails, and also uses the discount codes in her site for friend referrals to her online classes.

What does Sara like best about her OfferingTree website? “How seamless it was to set up and how well it works!”

More about Sara – Sara Villamil has been teaching movement for 20 years. She is a yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer who runs weekly virtual in prenatal, postnatal, and flow-based classes. She also has a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training School – next training starts in August 2021! 

Sara recently wrote a blog post for our users to guide them through setting up their own websites and she also offers consultation to new users to help with their design. You can contact Sara on Instagram for more information on her services and to work with her!

You can connect with Sara on Instagram here.

4. Paths to Awareness

Lesa Libatique’s website is another one that really stood out to us – the contrast of a dark background with a beautiful floral image really sets the tone for Lesa’s business, Paths to Awareness. When designing her website, Lesa invested in some professional guidance initially and began the process from scratch, as this was Lesa’s first website. 

Lesa said “It’s so easy to use, and I have no background in managing a website. I’ve received positive feedback. It’s all so straightforward for both me and those who visit my site to check out what I offer and to register for classes. Customer service and response time for my questions is amazing. I plan to expand to on-demand videos soon and incorporate that feature.”

Lesa regularly uses the membership/packages, email marketing, scheduling and blogging features to run her business.

More about Lesa: Paths to Awareness offers classes and workshops in mindfulness meditation, qigong and yin yoga. While meditation, qigong and yoga are different from one another in origin and practice, they all cultivate embodied presence, awareness, well-being, clarity, steadiness, kindness, compassion and ease. Classes are currently offered on the Zoom platform and are suitable and beneficial for both new and experienced practitioners. 

Find Lesa on Facebook and Instagram to learn more. 

If this is your first time learning about OfferingTree, here is what you should know – we have a mission to take care of the tech for wellness professionals and provide an all-in-one solution to help them run their businesses. We created a simple system for wellness and fitness professionals to manage their website, email marketing, blog, appointments, and payments all in one spot. This means that you can focus more time on what you do best. 

If you want to learn more, you can contact us at [email protected] to schedule a tour of your next website or ask us any questions. 

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