This past year has been challenging for everybody and it can be too easy to focus on the negative impacts that the pandemic has had on our way of life. 

However, the most successful people focus on factors that they have control over. As a wellness or fitness professional, you may be facing the challenging reality that in-person classes are unlikely to look like they did before—at least for a while. Even while many fitness centers and studios have the green light to open with limited capacity and restrictions, it is still important to remain flexible.

Until then, what kind of measures can you take to adapt to these uncertain times? If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider ways to take your in-person classes or services online. Here are a few ideas to get started in moving your business online:

Consider your current client/student base:

As you’re thinking about how to move online, keep your clients at the center of your planning. This may impact the way you deliver your services and communicate with your students. For example, are they tech-savvy and able to navigate a virtual conference tool like Zoom or Google Meets, or will pre-recorded classes on a site like YouTube or Vimeo serve them best? Do they regularly check email or is texting the most efficient form of communication? Taking these behaviors and habits into account will serve as vital intel in planning for the future of your business. 

Be brave and build a website:

If you’ve been putting off building a website, now is the time to tackle this task! Even a simple website that contains your bio, a short description of your services, and a contact form is a great start. Having a landing page will be really helpful for sharing with existing and new clients as you move your business online. You may also find that once you’ve crossed this task off your list, you’ll feel empowered to take on the next steps in building your online presence. Here are just a few other reasons why we think you need a website!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help:

Moving your business online can be daunting. But, here’s the good news—there’s always someone out there that can help! You can invest financially in a service that provides personalized support such as a consultant or business coach, or crowdsource tips and guidance from an online group for wellness or fitness professionals. Try searching on sites like Facebook, Slack, or Meetup to find a user group that matches your business. Depending on your field, you might also be able to locate a virtual user group through your professional association.  

Most importantly, remember that you don’t have to figure out how to move online in one day. Take this process one step at a time and you’ll be online before you know it! Email us today at with any questions about how our system can serve you or join us for a live demo.

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