How To Use Instagram To Find New Yoga Students

Jun 23, 2021

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


With over 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram is by far one of the most popular social media platforms available today, and there are so many ways to use it for growing your yoga business.

But, the caveat of so many users is the challenge of cutting through all of the noise and content, which can be a daunting task, especially for new Instagram users. Here we’ve gathered some tips to get you started on being seen and how to find new yoga students on Instagram:

Post Content Consistently

One of the “musts” of building a social media presence – regardless of your goal – is to post content consistently and moderate your account for any comments that need addressing. In addition to posting consistently, remember to be patient and allow yourself time to build momentum with engagement.

Research Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that are preceded by a hash symbol (#) and index posts according to trends or topics. By using hashtags, people are able to see and cross-reference posts that are all related to a certain topic.

We recommend researching hashtags that are popular and widely used in your field, such as #yoga, #yogateacher, and #yogaclass, as well as more niche hashtags that are more targeted to your community. This might include hashtags that include your city name, local groups, or organizations. By using a combination of widely used and more niche hashtags, you’re casting a wider net and increasing your chances of being seen by Instagram users near and far.

Collaborate with Other Yoga Teachers or Studios

Creating a partnership with another local yoga teacher or studio can be a really effective way to reach new students, but it’s important to be strategic about it. Before you approach another yoga or wellness professional about a collaboration or cross-promoting each other’s work, be sure to work out how the partnership would benefit both parties. That way, when you propose the partnership, you are able to describe the benefits of cross-promotion.

Here are some ways you could use Instagram as a form of collaboration with another yoga teacher or business:

  • Host an Instagram Takeover on each other’s account
  • Repost each other’s content on Feed or Stories
  • Co-host an Instagram Live event, such as a class or discussion about yoga

Organize an Online Yoga Challenge

Setting up a yoga challenge on social media can be a really great way to pick up new followers and even some new students. Challenges are a low-risk, low-pressure opportunity for potential students to get a feel for your vibe as a teacher.

As you’re trying to promote your social media yoga challenge, be sure to tap into your existing network, including students and maybe even some fellow yoga teachers (going back to the previous point, this might be one way you can collaborate with another teacher or studio). Word of mouth is still an incredible referral source, so don’t be shy about asking your loyal students and followers to repost and share the challenge on their own accounts.

Explore Stories, IGTV, and Reels

The flagship feature and where Instagram began was its photo feed which eventually branched out to include short videos. The main feed is the perfect place to start posting your content when you’re getting the lay of the land that is Instagram. Once you’re comfortable with interacting on Instagram, you can start getting creative with Stories and Reels and even post longer video content on IGTV.

For example, if you wanted to share a short introduction series to give folks a vibe for your teaching style, IGTV would be a great option – especially if you use hashtags and ask your students to share. Or, if you want to give a glimpse of your life beyond teaching yoga, posting Stories is a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Don’t forget to Show Your Humanity

As you’re planning and posting content, don’t forget to be yourself and show your own humanity. People are drawn to authenticity, so while you want to focus on yoga, sprinkle in content that reveals the real you. Using the Stories function in Instagram can be a really good way to share those “behind the scenes” moments in your day-to-day life while keeping your Feed focused on your yoga content.

Don’t forget to have fun on Instagram too! It’s all about sharing and connecting, after all. Also, know that it can take time to build a following on Instagram but showing up with regularity and focus will help you pick up new followers and, ultimately, students. Of course, Instagram isn’t the only social media platform in town. There are so many others, and if you want to research other platforms to help find new yoga students, check out how to create a social media marketing strategy to boost your business.

Do you use Instagram to grow your yoga business? If so, drop your Instagram handle in the comments, and let us know how you use Instagram to connect and grow your audience!

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