Demystifying Finances for Yoga Entrepreneurs with Nina Israel

Meg Sangamingo

Are you ready to demystify your fears around money matters in your business?

Join us on Halloween for an exploration of money matters in your yoga business, with the Money Whisperer™ and Financial Strategist, Nina Israel.

We’ll dig deep into small business finances, help you find peace and consistency in your money, and build a pathway to financial freedom and success!

Meet Your Teacher…

Nina Israel is an advocate for financial wellness. She is a financial strategist, business consultant, your money mentor and calm cash collaborator. She is also a 25-year veteran of making your books make sense to you.

She believes that learning finance should be easy and, more importantly, fun.

Fueled by a passion for wellness, a love of numbers, and an intense desire to help those around her succeed, Nina’s strength throughout her career has been empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs to better manage their cash flow, improve efficiency, grow sales, and reduce costs.

Ready to navigate your finances with confidence?

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