Creating Your Digital Presence With OfferingTree: Part I of III

May 14, 2019

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


Building Your OfferingTree Website

As a wellness and fitness professional, it’s important to have a digital presence.  Having a website and social media pages can expand your reach and help you cultivate a sustainable business.  Even though most wellness and fitness professionals want a website, the thought of creating one is daunting. Having a website built professionally would likely cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the ongoing maintenance costs after you launch. Alternatively, building your own website can feel like trying to build a rocketship to the moon with some tin foil and duct tape.  Luckily, OfferingTree has you covered, and you can create an online presence in just a few clicks for free. Our mission is to help wellness professionals grow their business by providing them with a personal website in addition to all the essential digital marketing tools they need to connect them with clients, students, and patients. Keep reading to learn how to use OfferingTree to build your digital presence, but first here are just a few reasons why it’s a good idea to build a website for your practice or business.

  • Build credibility: A website shows that you’ve invested in your profession, and the content you provide can show your potential clients, students or patients what you are all about.
  • Expand Your Reach: Use your website to market yourself on: social media, association and workplace online directories, emails, business cards, and when you meet new contacts.
  • Connect:  Our website tools make it easy to share your schedule and allow people to message you without having to share your personal information.  You can also use our blog, newsletter and email marketing features to continuously engage with your following. (We’ll cover that a little later.)

Our goal is to get your website up and running in 15 minutes or less – and to equip you with tools to help you tech less and teach more. To get started, visit and follow these 3 quick steps:

  • Build your home page:  Pick a color scheme and a few images to make your site look professional and stylish.  We have great looking stock graphics that are free to use or pick your own photos and images.  You’ll also put in a tag line (one-liner) that describes the essence of what services you are offering the world.  Lastly, you’ll share a little bit about yourself, your practice, or your business.  Having a website is about marketing yourself and what you can offer.
  • Create your account and publish your site:  Tell us your name, email and create a password so we can personalize your website and create an account for you.  Make sure to note your email and password so you can sign into your account later. You’ll be asked to choose a website address that is unique and fits your identity or brand.  We recommend using your name or business name. You also get a preview of what your home page will look like with the info you’ve entered so far. If you want your own custom top-level domain, or own your own, OfferingTree can host your website on that custom domain.

You have your own website! Now you can sign in to further build out your content and poke around to see all the features that OfferingTree provides to help you grow your business and be successful. Feel free to refer back to this post or this video if you need help with getting your website set up. We also welcome your questions or ideas. Send us a note anytime to: [email protected].

Read our next blog post to learn how to add your schedule and more great content to your site.

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