Once you decide to start building a business as a teacher, trainer, or coach, your next task is to figure out where to actually provide your services. Your first inclination is most likely to look at physical spaces such a studio, fitness or wellness centers. Of course, providing your service or classes in-person might make the most sense for you and your clients, but as our lives continually become more integrated with technology, there are some ways you can consider expanding your business into digital spaces.

If you’re an active user on social media you may have noticed a rise in videos and other live events or classes from public figures – and maybe even your local teachers or coaches! As social media algorithms begin to shift towards a preference for videos, it’s no surprise that business owners are starting to leverage tools like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to connect with and build their client base.

The benefits of exploring such tactics include the ability to offer your services to existing clients who can’t always get to you in-person. Another benefit is the ability to build an audience outside of your geographic location. In some cases, this could lead to some cool opportunities like traveling for your business!

Sounds pretty good, right? Check out some of these ideas that you can consider adding to your business and marketing toolkit:

Host Facebook or Instagram Live Classes

As mentioned above, Facebook Live is a popular way to connect and interact with your students or clients without needing to meet at a physical location. Facebook Live videos can also be saved to your feed so anybody can view your video at a later time. YouTube and Zoom are also good tools to explore if you are interested in hosting a live session such as a yoga class or coaching talk.

Leverage Facebook Groups

Creating a private Facebook Group for your cohort of students or clients is a fantastic way to build deeper engagement as well as promote community building. You can also offer Live events to your private group as described above. A Facebook Group is also great for people who might move away but still want to stay connected with you and their community.

Record your offerings on Soundcloud

If your service can be delivered through audio, such as guided meditations, coaching, or other wellness talks, Soundcloud might be a good option for you and there a few ways you could use it for your business. You might invite clients to your channel for ongoing talks (think podcasts) or you might record a special talk that’s offered only to newsletter subscribers. Use your social media, blog, and newsletter to send clients to your Soundcloud channel.

Create a YouTube channel

It’s really no secret that YouTube has helped launch careers – and the worlds of fitness, wellness, and coaching are no exception. Building your channel and subscribers takes time, patience, and consistency so try not to get discouraged if your videos aren’t taking off right away. If the idea of creating consistent videos is overwhelming, that’s OK. Another idea is to record a few exclusive videos that you can post as private or unlisted, which you can share a link with special clients, newsletter subscribers, or blog readers. YouTube is a powerful tool but use it in a way that feels authentic and true to you.

Offer virtual private sessions

If you have a client on the other side of the country, that doesn’t mean you can’t work with them. Video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet makes it easy to deliver your services. You can even create an offering and accept payment for these sessions on your OfferingTree site.

We hope these ideas have given you some food for thought and are helpful in beginning to think outside the box on how and where to deliver your offerings. OfferingTree is here to support your efforts with simplified website management, scheduling, and payment processing, as well as options for blogs and newsletters. Visit offeringtree.com to see a sample site or send us a note at [email protected].

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