Two new features for you from OfferingTree!

Format your text and add images

You asked for more ability to customize your OfferingTree site. We’ve added a simple rich text editor that allows you to apply more formatting to your text on the home page and offerings pages.

  •         Bold, Italic and Underline
  •         Title (header) – bolded centered text
  •         Lists – both bullets and numbered
  •         Links – connect to other sites
  •         Images – add full-column, centered images to the text areas of your site

Check out this short tutorial video to see it in action. Then log in to your OfferingTree site dashboard and start formatting! We have also set up a playground site to practice formatting text if you aren’t quite ready to make changes to your personal page.

Share your OfferingTree schedule on another site

Maybe you have another website where you want to share your teaching schedule or you have a friend who is curious about OfferingTree but already has a website. This feature is for exactly that situation. The embedded calendar feature allows you to add an OfferingTree schedule page to an existing website. This means you can publish your schedule, enable class registration, and process payments using the OfferingTree service on your own site. How cool is that?

Learn more about how this works – check out this short video.

More new features are in the works based on your feedback so please keep sharing what’s working for you and what would make this service even better. We’re listening.


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