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No more plugins or custom code. Our website builder fully integrates with all our tools so your website can be a one-stop-shop for your business.

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No Tech Skills Required

With our easy-to-use website builder, you don’t have to rely on web designers or developers. OfferingTree’s pre-built design templates help you build your beautiful site quickly.

Take out the overwhelm and get your website up today.

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“I hated even thinking about my website before. Any now everything I need is in one place and I’m able to go in and change it on a dime.”
– Nichole W.

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Built with Everything You Need

With other platforms, integrating your scheduling, payments, on-demand content, marketing tools and client management can feel like an impossible task.

With OfferingTree it’s built right in. You don’t need any plugins or custom code, it just works. Since it’s all in one place and seamlessly integrated, you don’t have to worry about multiple accounts and how to tie everything together.

“I appreciate how easy it is to manage the website. I can add and remove offerings and change the schedule in minutes. I have another full-time job, so having a website that is easy to manage and navigate is essential for me!”

– Lisa H.

Your Brand Front and Center

Build your website on a custom domain to fully brand your online presence. You’ll never need to take your clients off of your website as all our features live in one place.

OfferingTree is behind the scenes, keeping your brand the star of the show.

“OfferingTree is a company that provides not only website hosting, but every aspect of business that you could possibly want when you’re first starting out, all in one little cute bundle of joy at an affordable price.” – Amanda R.

Everything You Need for a Fully Integrated Web Presence


Domain customization


Fast and reliable web hosting


Embeddable plugins & widgets


Mobile responsive templates


Easy to use page builder


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All-in-One Saves You Time and Money

Save hundreds of dollars a month and ditch all those other tools


Create a beautiful website that connects everything in business in one spot. No need to worry about integrating other software or plugins.

Memberships & Packages

Offer memberships and packages to your loyal clients to generate recurring revenue so you can build a sustainable business.

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Create landing pages for your website with our pre-built themes or customize to get the perfect look. No Designer or tech expert required.

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Events & Appointments

Save time and stress scheduling your clients. Host in-person or online events, appointments, classes and webinars.

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Marketing Tools

Grow your audience and keep them engaged without burning yourself out. Treat each of your clients with a personal touch.

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Client Managment

Let OfferingTree remember every detail and interaction with your clients so you can give them the personal touch they deserve.

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On-Demand Content

Create engaging video libraries, courses, and other digital content that can meet your clients and students anywhere at any time.

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Getting paid shouldn’t be painful. With OfferingTree, accepting payments comes fully integrated into all our features.

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Stop driving blind and get the data you need to make thoughtful informed decisions about your businesses.

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