Grow Your Business with Analytics You Can Actually Understand

We do the heavy lifting to parse the data. Armed with insights that actually make sense, growing your wellness business suddenly feels easier. 

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An example revenue report from the OfferingTree dashboard
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Business Analytics Simplified

Gathering and analyzing raw data to measure the health of your business can be complex. We give you data that tells a clear story in a format you can understand and share. Our analytics make it easier to know what’s helping your business and what isn’t so you can make intelligent business decisions.

“You make a seemingly difficult process VERY manageable.” – Cindy M

Reports & Insights That Make Sense

Don’t worry about parsing data to create reports. We do that for you. Find customized reports to understand where revenue comes from and scorecards that break down how members and clients interact with your business. Get insights from data visualizations to help you track performance over time. 

“You can focus your time on your business rather than that marketing piece. Because most of us just want to do what our skill set allows.” – Jennifer T

Sample performance insights
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Optional Google Analytics Integration

Keep everything you need to run your business in one place, including analytics. Want to keep things simple? The basics are built in. Want more? Integrate Google Analytics and OfferingTree pulls the data that matters most into your dashboard. No noisy data or complex navigation.

“I love seeing how many people have visited my site each week and knowing exactly how many clients have signed up for my mailing list and offerings. The Google Analytics integration is awesome too! Thanks!” – Carissa T

Make Informed Business Decisions with Our Analytics Tools


Data you can actually understand


View business performance over time


Scorecards made for you


Reports made for you


High level & detailed data views


Google Analytics integration

All-in-One Saves You Time and Money

Save hundreds of dollars a month and ditch all those other tools


Create a beautiful website that connects everything in business in one spot. No need to worry about integrating other software or plugins.

Memberships & Packages

Offer memberships and packages to your loyal clients to generate recurring revenue so you can build a sustainable business.


Create landing pages for your website with our pre-built themes or customize to get the perfect look. No Designer or tech expert required.

Events & Appointments

Save time and stress scheduling your clients. Host in-person or online events, appointments, classes and webinars.

Marketing Tools

Grow your audience and keep them engaged without burning yourself out. Treat each of your clients with a personal touch.

Client Managment

Let OfferingTree remember every detail and interaction with your clients so you can give them the personal touch they deserve.

On-Demand Content & Courses

Create engaging video libraries, courses, and other digital content that can meet your clients and students anywhere at any time.


Getting paid shouldn’t be painful. With OfferingTree, accepting payments comes fully integrated into all our features.


Stop driving blind and get the data you need to make thoughtful informed decisions about your businesses.

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