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  • Look through our help documents
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Frequently asked questions

Why use OfferingTree? How are you different from other services?

Unlike other services, we built OfferingTree specifically for busy professionals who don’t want the hassles of learning technology or managing tons of logistics. You can be up and running in 10 minutes or less. We are a one-stop shop and you don't need to manage plugins or mess with code. We’re also a benefit corporation that actively supports wellness access and education. It’s free to join our integrated, easy-to-use solution that provides essential tools for busy professionals.

Will I get my own domain name? What if I have an existing domain?

Yes! When creating your account, you'll be asked to choose an option for your website address. Pick the "Use a domain you've already purchased" option and we'll get in touch with you on how we can use that domain for your OfferingTree site.

If you already have a site you like and you just want to use OfferingTree functionality on your existing site we can do that too! Most of our popular features can be embedded right in your existing site!

Don't already own your own domain. No problem! You can purchase one during the signup process.

Can I use OfferingTree on another website?

Absolutely! Our most popular features can be embedded directly into an existing website. If you want to use OfferingTree for scheduling, registration, payments, membership & package management, or running your digital store we can help.

Schedule a live demo or reach out to [email protected] if you'd like to learn more.

Do you offer support?

We offer tutorial videos, an online Q&A knowledge forum and email support. To get the fastest support, simply send us a support ticket through your OfferingTree site by clicking on “Help.”

What happens if I cancel a paid plan on OfferingTree?

When you cancel a monthly paid plan, we’ll stop all future billing. Please note that we do not issue refunds for any of our monthly paid plans. You can use all of the monthly plan’s features until the end of that month.
When you cancel an annual paid plan, we’ll stop all future billing. You can cancel an annual paid plan at any time and you can use all of the annual plan’s features until the end of your current annual bill cycle. If you cancel an annual plan within the first 14 calendar days of your credit card being charged, then you can request a refund from us with no questions asked.

If you purchased a domain through us, we'd be happy to transfer the domain to you so you can use it however you would like.

If you have any additional questions, concerns or just wish to connect with us, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

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