Wix and Squarespace – General purpose Content Management Systems (CMS)

Because general purpose CMS have to serve a wide variety of businesses, they are very feature rich and configurable. This configurability, however, comes with a cost – time.  They are more complicated and more difficult to learn due to the sheer amount of features, menu options, configuration screens, etc. The pricing can also be confusing because some features have add-ons within a plan. If you are confident in your technical and web design skills, a general purpose CMS may be a good fit. You’ll be able to produce the precise look and feel of your imagined web site. You may need to write some HTML/CSS code in some instances to achieve the exact look and behavior, but it is possible. You may also find that since they are not specifically designed for the individual wellness professional, there may be some compromises with built in features. You may also have to integrate with other products (with associated cost) to get all the functionality required for you business. If you don’t mind spending time learning and configuring, the end result can work well for you.

OfferingTree – Built from the ground up for wellness professionals

OfferingTree takes a different approach.  Because we are not a general purpose CMS, we do not offer the precision customization of the look and feel offered by the general purpose CMS products.  The trade-off is that OfferingTree is much simpler to use because all features are targeted towards what you need and not any of the features/clutter that other unrelated businesses need. OfferingTree websites were designed by a professional web designer and look beautiful on all screen sizes. Our features were born from the experience of running a solo wellness business and the feature set reflects this. You’ll be able to establish an online presence quickly with everything you need to run your practice.  No plugins, no confusing configuration, no coding needed. Our pricing is simple and straight forward.  We do not have tiered pricing within features or add-ons, just a straight forward monthly price that includes everything listed below. You can try it out at no cost and have a fully functioning website in minutes. If you should decide to upgrade to the Essentials Plan, you will have a customized website with everything you need at a price that is significantly less than Wix and Squarespace. We encourage you to create a free site and learn more.

OfferingTree Starter Plan OfferingTree Essentials Plan Wix Business Unlimited Plan + Wix Bookings Squarespace Business + Scheduling





Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited storage
Ad free
Contact form
Google calendar sync
Social Media icons
Unlimited blogs
Built-in SEO
Mobile responsive
SSL security
Class schedule
Class/event registration
Class/event online payment
Class/event donations
Recurring class/event
Site visitor metrics
Integrated newsletter
Unlimited newsletters
Custom domain
Embed video
Embed audio
Website themes
Customize colors
Customize fonts
Class Packages
Sell Videos

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