The way that wellness professionals and yoga teachers run their businesses has changed, especially over the past year. While many teachers moved their yoga classes online out of necessity at the beginning of the pandemic, many are finding that bringing their business online has also created new opportunities to reach new students that they might not have connected with before. 

When it comes to teaching yoga online, it can be more than teaching a live online class via Zoom. Your online yoga business can now include creating and selling yoga videos, running online yoga challenges, and more. 

However, as you begin to consider ways to make a full-time business out of your passion for yoga, it’s also important to establish the right infrastructure that will help you stay organized and help your business grow in a sustainable way. That’s why choosing the best yoga studio scheduling software will be an important decision. In this guide, we offer three tips and questions to ask yourself as you’re considering the best yoga business software for you.

What is Your Budget?

At the top of your list of questions and considerations is your budget. You will find all kinds of yoga scheduling and business management software out there at a variety of costs. It’s important to balance your needs with your budget. Don’t select a software just because it’s free or cheap unless it truly fits all of your business needs. Likewise, don’t necessarily fall into the trap of believing that if you pay more, it’ll be better! As you are researching yoga software, keep in mind that the money you spent on this part of your business is an investment and will be the foundation of how you manage your business.

What is Your Yoga Business Plan? 

Coupled with knowing your budget, you should research yoga scheduling software that aligns with the services and classes you are planning to offer. For example, if you know that you will primarily use the yoga business software for managing your weekly virtual yoga class, then this will tell you that you need a system that can handle student registration, payment, and a way to communicate with the student like an email marketing platform. 

Another example might be that you are building out a library of yoga videos that you would like to sell. In this case, the software you are looking for should have the capability to set up an online store so students can easily purchase your videos. 

Depending on what yoga classes and services you plan to offer, here are some features to look for as you are doing your research for the best yoga studio software: 

  • Ability to create mobile responsive website
  • Scheduling and registration for your in-person and online classes
  • Sell memberships, packages, videos, and courses
  • Email marketing and text messaging 
  • Accept online payments
  • Capability to integrate Zoom or other video conferencing software
  • Forms and waivers
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Access to technical support (more on this below)

What is Your Technical Knowledge or Interest?

We include this as a tip because there are some systems out there that will require a higher level of technical knowledge (or an interest in learning). You can certainly create a fully functional yoga scheduling and management system with Squarespace or WordPress, however both of these platforms will require a more technical set-up process and integrations with third-party providers. For example, if you would like email marketing as part of your Squarespace website, you will need to identify and sign up for an email provider such as Mailchimp, Emma, or Constant Contact.

Unless you are genuinely interested in web development, we recommend seeking a yoga business management system that comes with many features that work right “out of the box” — in other words, no need to sign up for another provider or figure out how to integrate that service into your website. We also recommend digging into the kind of support you receive from any of the platforms you are considering. If you anticipate needing some guidance as you set up your software, this will be crucial! 

How OfferingTree Can Help

At OfferingTree we have designed our all-in-one yoga business management platform with independent yoga teachers and small studios in mind. Many of the features you need to succeed in today’s digital environment – website builder, email marketing, class calendar and registration, appointment scheduler, flexible payment options, an online store, and more – are all built right into the OfferingTree system. Come learn more about us on our website and see if our system fits what you need to help grow a sustainable and thriving yoga career. 

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