7 Best Yoga Studio Software Options: Which Is for You?

Dec 1, 2023

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor

🧘 Reviewer: Michael Jay


If you’re in the market for yoga studio software, you may be thinking, “I just want to know what the best yoga studio software is so I can start growing my business today.”

Instead, we recommend taking your time. Such a critical decision shouldn’t be made hastily. The reality is that every yoga studio is unique, with its own set of goals, success metrics, and needs. This diversity means that there isn’t actually a one-size-fits-all software solution.

So. Rather than giving hollow advice, we’ll guide you through a comprehensive comparison of the top 10 yoga studio platforms. This analysis will give you a clearer picture of what each offers. Then, we’ll provide expert insights to help you determine the perfect software for your studio.

Table of Contents:

How Yoga Studio Management Software Supports a Business

Yoga studio software streamlines administrative tasks, such as scheduling, client registration, and tracking attendance, freeing up more time for instructors to focus on teaching and client engagement.

It enhances customer experience by offering easy online booking, payment options, and personalized communication, improving client satisfaction and retention.

Some platforms provide analytics reports to help owners make informed decisions about class schedules, pricing strategies, and marketing efforts. Additionally, this data can support financial management by tracking revenue and expenses and generating detailed financial reports.

Benefits of effective yoga studio management software for modern studios include:

  • Improved client retention
  • More new clients
  • A tighter-knit community
  • Confidence in yourself and your business
  • Better client communication
  • Analytics reports to guide business strategy
  • Easier booking

Trying to Find Your Metrics for Studio Success?

In our webinar with Kristin Abel, she unpacks 5 key metrics for studio success to help you stay on track.

7 Best Yoga Studio Software Solutions: Pros, Cons & Ratings

When trying to make an informed decision, you need helpful information and unbiased advice, not some cookie-cutter sales pitch – especially when a consequential business decision is at. That’s why we made our list of the top 10 solutions as objective as possible.

The list is not in any particular order. Instead, we’ve compiled critical details about the best options on the market for you to review and consider per your unique business needs. We also reference real customer feedback to give you a feel for how users feel about the product after purchase.

Let’s dig in.


Momence is a feature-rich, all-in-one platform. It offers a one-stop solution for scheduling classes and workshops, organizing appointments, creating marketing campaigns, managing on-demand videos and courses, and tracking business performance with detailed reports.

Their mission is to serve as many types of service-based businesses as possible, so they may not be a great fit for all yoga studios.

They also charge a 1% fee on all your studio sales, which may not be a huge deal for smaller businesses. For larger businesses, 1% adds up quickly. With that said, you do have the option to pass the fees on to clients. 

Software Overview:

Integrations: Mailchimp, Zapier, Zoom, ClassPass, Google Calendar & Analytics, Mailchimp, and more

How Much Does Momence Cost? 

Must book a demo to explore pricing options.


  • Robust marketing suite
  • User-friendly for students and admin
  • All-in-one platform
  • Referral program for customers


  • Users report poor customer service after signing up
  • Not just for yoga or fitness studios but also spas, golf courses, etc
  • Limited scheduling and reporting features.
  • Users report a high price tag
  • Fee structure can be complicated

Momence Reviews:

  • Momence is rated 4.5 out of 5
  • 83% likelihood users recommend it to a friend


OfferingTree is an all-in-one solution designed by wellness professionals for wellness professionals. It includes a robust set of features for website creation, online scheduling, selling online content and courses, blogging, newsletters, online payments, and more.

This solution stands out among the competition for its integrated approach to business management that allows users to establish & maintain a beautiful online presence, monitor client accounts, and drive business growth all in one platform – with top-tier customer service.

Their built-in marketing suite is tremendous, and their reporting features are robust. 

Software Overview:

Integrations: Google Suite, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter (‘X’), and more

How Much Does OfferingTree Cost?

$100 and beyond for studios, depending on size


  • All-in-one platform designed for wellness professionals
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to use for admin & clients
  • Great price & excellent value for studios
  • Referral program for customers


  • No app
  • Only available in English

OfferingTree Reviews: 

  • OfferingTree is rated 4.8 out of 5
  • 98% likelihood users recommend it to a friend


StudioGrowth is a class and member management software designed for boutique studios offering group classes.

It provides a range of features, including online booking, payment processing, class management, customizable class schedules, and integration with tools like Zoom for virtual classes.

The platform is made to help boutique studios grow by offering a streamlined, modern customer experience and efficient business operations.

Software Overview:

Integrations: Zoom, Constant Contact, ClassPass, Stripe, and more

How Much Does StudioGrowth Cost?

One, all-inclusive price: $99/mo


  • Clean & simple interface
  • User-friendly for students and admin
  • Very robust and customizable reporting features
  • All-in-one platform designed for wellness professionals


  • No app
  • Mostly a booking platform
  • Limited capabilities for integrations
  • No landing pages in the platform
  • No ability to text from the platform
  • No free trial to test the software yourself

StudioGrowth Reviews:

  • StudioGrowth is rated 4.9 out of 5
  • 100% likelihood users recommend it to a friend


Mindbody is a prominent software solution tailored for fitness and wellness businesses, renowned for its powerful and scalable features. It serves the fitness, wellness, and beauty industries, helping businesses grow their brand and clients find their ideal studio.

While it does do most of all the software options out there, it’s its mission to serve as many businesses as possible. Serving so many use-cases makes it not as great of a fit for yoga studios as some other options out there. 

Software Overview:

Integrations: WaiverKing, Listen360, ADP, ActiveCampaign, GymPass, Zoom, and more

How Much Does Mindbody Cost?

If you want the all-in-one features, prices start range from $279 – $699/mo and beyond


  • Has an app (for certain plans)
  • Simple for students
  • All-in-one platform
  • Name recognition


  • Not for new/small studios
  • Very expensive
  • Poor customer support
  • Back-end is complicated

Mindbody Reviews:

  • Mindbody is rated 4 out of 5
  • 61% likelihood users will recommend it to a friend

How does OfferingTree compare to MindBody?


Walla’s all-in-one yoga studio software is easy to use and is designed by fitness studio owners for fitness studio owners. 

Although they don’t offer a free trial, it is known to be beautiful, high-quality software that’s easy to use and regularly releases new features and updates.

If you own a studio and want to get the most out of Walla, you’ll need to pay for add-ons.

Software Overview:

Integrations: GymPass, ClassPass, Zoom

How Much Does Walla Cost?

For core capabilities, you’ll pay $320/mo — no set up fee. For core capabilities and the marketing suite, you’ll pay $557/mo, plus a one-time setup fee of $500. You must contact them to get pricing for more robust needs. 


  • All-in-one studio platform that is user-friendly on the backend 
  • Designed by industry folks who have run studios themselves
  • Great referral program for users


  • High price tag
  • Important features cost extra
  • Lacking some automated features
  • No free trial 

Walla Reviews:

  • Walla is rated 5 out of 5
  • 85% likelihood users recommend it to a friend


WellnessLiving is a business management software designed for businesses like yoga and fitness studios, spas, salons, and martial arts studios. It offers features for class scheduling, selling merchandise, client engagement, and boosting brand exposure through its WellnessLiving Explorer directory.

The platform also provides business tools, mobile apps for clients and staff, and multiple booking options alongside exclusive marketing tools to enhance sales, retention rates, and brand recognition. It lacks marketing capabilities.

Their prospecting and marketing efforts are known to be fairly aggressive and pushy. However, the silver lining there is their desire to price match. 

Software Overview:

Integrations: ClassPass, Zoom, Zapier, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more

How Much Does WellnessLiving Cost?

$89 – $159/mo and beyond, depending on size


  • Good starting price point – rates may be negotiable
  • Has an excellent app
  • User-friendly for students and admin


  • Users report buggy software
  • Very limited marketing tools
  • High price tag for a plan with ideal studio features
  • Reporting lacks sophistication and can be inconsistent

WellnessLiving Reviews:

  • WellnessLiving is rated 4.4 out of 5
  • 77% likelihood users recommend it to a friend


FitDegree is a fitness studio management software created to assist fitness studio owners in boosting member retention and revenue growth.

It’s designed to cater specifically to fitness studios. Their software community features encourage members to connect with the studio and one another to show up more often and feel comfortable at your studio.

Software Overview:

Integrations: LoopSpark, LenzVU, Perkville, Epifany, MailChimp, and more

How Much Does FitDegree Cost?

One all-inclusive price: $225/mo. You can pay an additional $150/mo for a branded package upgrade.


  • Has a community platform that connects users
  • Has an app that connects students and teachers
  • Studio-specific software


  • Users report high price tag
  • They don’t have marketing automation built in – you can integrate software, but you have to pay extra for that
  • More compatible with Apple products than Android

FitDegree Reviews:

  • FitDegree is rated 4.8 out of 5
  • 90% likelihood users will recommend it to a friend

The best yoga studio management software for you depends on two sets of criteria. 

When it comes to the experience you want to provide for students and fostering community growth, use the following list of processes & considerations to determine the most important features you need in a solution:

  • Ease of use & user interface
  • Scheduling & booking
  • Payment processing
  • On-demand video 
  • Live stream classes
  • Email marketing 
  • Client management tools
  • Website builder
  • Customizability & integrations

Regarding best-fit for your business, consider the following factors:

  • Studio niche
  • Budget
  • Business size & model
  • Personal preference

Review these lists, your business plan, profit reports, and customer reviews to determine which features and criteria are most critical for your business. 

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Try OfferingTree & See How Simple Studio Management Can Be

Selecting the right yoga studio management software can significantly impact your business’s efficiency, profitability, and overall success. Each software option has unique features, pros, and cons, catering to different needs and preferences.

OfferingTree streamlines administrative tasks and offers a pleasant user experience for clients and staff. It offers robust features designed to support your business’s growth, foster community, and make your life easier so you can focus on what you love – teaching yoga. 

Don’t take our word for it. Try OfferingTree free for 14 days, or watch a demo to see how simple and user-friendly it is for yourself.

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