In the world of teaching online yoga or fitness classes, having a computer alone as your teaching setup may not be enough–but not all teachers require the exact same technical setup and it will largely vary depending on factors like your budget, audience, and class format. In this article, we’ll ask some questions to help you consider the kind of microphone that will best serve you in delivering your class or service. Let’s dig in!

What’s your budget?

First and foremost, refer to your budget to help focus your search. If your budget is limited, this doesn’t mean you will be forced to go without a microphone or get one of poor quality. However, knowing what you can invest in equipment for your online teaching business will be very helpful in keeping your search relevant to your budget.

What is the format of your class or service?

Take into consideration the format of your offering. If you know that you will be required to move and demonstrate throughout the class, then you’ll want to search for a microphone that will allow movement and the ability to maintain good audio quality at a distance. If you are teaching a live workshop that will mostly involve discussion and some seated meditation, then you can look into wired microphone solutions which generally don’t need to be charged as often as wireless options like earbuds.  

Will you be moving around or staying in one place?

While some microphones offer outstanding sound quality, they only perform best if you’re standing or sitting in one place. For example, a lavalier microphone, which is often used in broadcasting, has excellent sound quality, however, the transmitter box and wires can make it challenging to move freely while keeping the box out of sight. If your teaching style is largely dependent on demonstrating movements, then it would make sense to research wireless microphone options. But, if you plan to offer lectures, discussions, or workshops that will require minimal movement, then you might consider something like a lavalier mic in order to have excellent audio quality on your video. 

Do you need a microphone for any other purposes?

Some yoga teachers and fitness instructors create additional content like podcasts or video voiceovers. If this sounds like you, then we recommend considering a microphone that would serve multiple purposes like a USB microphone. Though this type of microphone has pitfalls like picking up echoes in the room if you are positioned further away from it but weigh up these pros and cons along with the other requirements that you came up with as you answered these questions. 

If you’re still feeling stumped about what kind of microphone will serve you best, be sure to take a look at our microphone guide with some tactile pros and cons for various types of microphones like earbuds or a wireless headset. Remember, you’re not in this alone! Especially in the last year, yoga teachers and fitness instructors have had to learn and adapt to online teaching so don’t be shy about asking others in the industry for their recommendations on the best microphone for teaching yoga or fitness classes online. 

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