It’s currently a very challenging time for the wellness community as coronavirus impacts social contact and health officials are recommending social distancing. Offering your services remotely online is essential right now to allow you to continue to provide some normalcy and relief during this stressful period. In this post we’ll cover how to go online with your services using OfferingTree.

Offer Classes, Workshops and Appointments Over Video-Conferencing

With OfferingTree, we make it easy to teach remotely online with video-conferencing products such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live and Facebook Live.  You set up your classes, workshops and appointments as you normally would, but by selecting the ‘Online event’ option you can attach a video conferencing link. You simply put in the link name and video-conferencing invitation link URL and when someone registers they get the link via email for how to join online. You can accept online payments for these online offerings or offer them freely to your community.  You’ll need to be on at least our Starter Plan to support online offerings and we’ve posted a few help articles to guide you step-by-step through the process of setting them up.

Sell Videos On Your Website

We have an integration with Vimeo where you can sell videos on your website. This can be a great way to allow your site visitors to get a taste of your teaching style and allow you to quickly scale the number of students you can support. This option does require you to have a paid subscription to VimeoPro (link to their pricing here).  We wrote up a great help article on how to do this on your OfferingTree website (click here to read the help article). One of our Yoga teachers, Marissa, uses this integration. You can see it here on her website.

Here are some other resources related to teaching online that may be useful:

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