Webinar: When Your Business Model Breaks

Photo of Alex Haley smiling Alex Haley is a researcher, meditation teacher and former legal and business manager for small and large companies. He also was a co-manager of a donation-based yoga studio and is one of the co-founders of the public benefit corporation OfferingTree, which provides an all-in-one platform for wellness professionals to build a website, manage schedules and registrations, accept payments and coordinate email communication. 



Resources mentioned during the webinar

More About OfferingTree

OfferingTree is a public benefit corporation that provides all-in-one software for managing the online teaching and digital presence of wellness professionals. Our platform allows you to use the most popular online services, such as Zoom, WebEx, Jitsi, Google Meet, Skype, etc. We have helped hundreds of wellness professionals shift from feeling overwhelmed to confident about their online presence.

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