How to Build A Yoga Community in Your New City

by | Jun 5, 2018

Moving to a new town or city can be very bittersweet. 

On one hand, it’s a fresh start – an exciting time, filled with anticipation of new possibilities. But, moving also comes with stress – all the logistics and details, hidden expenses, not to mention saying good-bye to your dear friends, loved ones, the friendly barista who knows your coffee order, and, of course, your yoga community!

Moving can be a really overwhelming task which makes it easy to fall out of your routines. However, it’s important to keep carving out time for genuine self-care when you’re in the middle of moving to a new city!

Here are ten ways to help transition to your new home while maintaining your yoga practice and building a new community of like-minded individuals:

Ask for recommendations from your yoga friends

Personal referrals can be the best way to get started. Post a question on Facebook. Friends and acquaintances will be happy to share their favorite yoga teacher or studio recommendations, especially if you’re moving to a bigger city.

Establish a yoga practice at home

Are you finding yourself in your new home before the moving truck arrives? Think of it as your own private yoga studio! Use the empty walls and space to practice handstand or tricky arm balances. Move and enjoy the abundance of space before it’s filled with moving boxes.

Look for new yoga student specials

Most studios and wellness centers will offer new students an introductory deal for a week, or even a whole month. This is an excellent way to test out the waters and see if it could be your new yoga home. Or, if you’re just the nomadic type, this is a great way to hop around town and learn from different teachers.

Follow local yoga teachers on Instagram

As much as we might miss our teacher and studio, it never hurts to gain a new, fresh perspective. Get to know the teachers in your neighborhood and start following them on Instagram. You can find out where they’re teaching as well as get a sense for their values as a yoga teacher and practitioner.

Check your local Meetups

Meetups are another great way to connect with other like-minded people in your new hometown. There’s pretty much a Meetup group for any interest or activity, including yoga, meditation, and wellness! You might even discover some quirky niche groups (yoga with goats, anyone?) If you’re used to be the social coordinator or organizer, you can always start your own Meetup, too!

Volunteer as a yoga teacher

If you’re a yoga teacher, volunteering as a teacher can be a great way to start establishing and building connections in your new town. Volunteering your time by teaching community or donation-based yoga classes is an amazing contribution to the community with the added benefits of getting your name out there and beginning to build a student base.

Research volunteer yoga teacher opportunities on VolunteerMatch or look up organizations based in your city that focus on community outreach such as Accessible Yoga, Give Back Yoga Foundation, Street Yoga, Prison Yoga Project, Kula for Karma, and Mind Body Solutions. You could also check with local studios and see if they also offer any community outreach programs that you can help with.

Look for Karma Yoga Programs at Yoga Studios

You may find that your neighborhood studio offers a work-exchange or Karma Yoga program, trading classes for your time helping out around the studio with cleaning or administrative tasks. Not only can this save you a few bucks but you’ll have a chance to keep your practice steady while meeting some new friends along the way.

Attend an outdoor yoga class or festival

Especially in the summer, you won’t have to look far to find an outdoor yoga class! Take advantage of these events (many outdoor classes tend to be donation-based so another effective way to save some money) Being outside can liven up your practice while meeting new people in a relaxing environment.

Check event listings on Facebook, the local parks department, or if you’re so lucky to have access to one, the local yoga magazine or publication to see what events are coming up.

Attend an in-person or online yoga workshop

Workshops are excellent for helping you explore and deepen your practice. Specialized classes or workshops are also effective in infusing fresh energy into your practice. Workshops also tend to be more interactive than a drop-in class so you will have a chance to get to know your fellow yogis.

Shake up your movement and exercise routine

Don’t be afraid to try new kinds of workouts! Who knows, you might come to love the running club or find new pals at kickboxing class. You don’t need to give up your yoga practice, of course, but keeping an open mind to new ways to move your body can be really good for your practice, too!

One final consideration for yoga teachers landing in a new city… be patient and ready to practice self-compassion. Especially in bigger cities like New York City or San Francisco, teaching yoga can be highly competitive so the opportunities can take some time to present themselves. But, just keep showing up on your mat and find ways to be part of the local yoga community. In the words of Patthabis Jois, “Practice and all is coming.”

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