Trends in the Wellness Industry for 2022

Jan 17, 2022

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


The wellness industry has had its fair share of ups and downs over these past few years and if you’ve been trying to make a living within it,  your business has probably pivoted more than once just to stay afloat. Because of the changes brought on by the pandemic, looking too far ahead into 2022 can feel risky. But how can we plan for the year ahead without examining the trends, and the ways in which the industry is growing and changing? We took a look and what has been happening across the industry, and we wanted to share some of our findings with you.


The industry as a whole is seeing an increase in the popularity of personalization, as the growth of smart equipment using machine learning and artificial intelligence has skyrocketed. Thanks to the use of fitness trackers and devices, more consumers than ever are interested in real-time feedback and customized suggestions based on body-tracking technology. 

There is more interaction with apps and with the growth of online classes and offerings, and businesses are able to tap into that to support their clients. 

However, not everyone is keen to let an app track them, and this means there is a market for wellness professionals to provide that personalization with individualized attention. This might look like live classes in which you can offer specific adjustments and tips to each client, or one-on-one classes and sessions, check-ins and updates with clients. 

Maturing Millennials  

The Millenial generation is now between 20 – 40 years old and represents the largest generational cohort (bigger than Baby Boomers!). Millennials see wellness as a daily endeavor that they’ll commit time and money towards achieving. The catch, however, is that many Millennials want to fit wellness into what they’re already doing (and this group is busy!) 

And so, attending shorter 30 – 45 minute offerings is generally more popular than longer events. It also means that providing flexibility with on-demand content and in-person + online options is important for engaging this group.

So adding some shorter sessions to your offerings is a good idea as appetites evolve, and offering a balance of online, on-demand and (if possible) in-person sessions will broaden your audience.

Mental Health 

With the prolonged uncertainty, ongoing disruptions, and daily challenges of living through nearly two years of a pandemic, most people are burned out (or worse). 

Compounding the problem is the long wait time for accessing mental health resources – typically more than a month. And so providing opportunities for gentle movement followed by rest and reconnection (e.g., with one’s self, with nature, with purpose, with a supportive community) is critical now more than ever. 

Fortunately, wellness professionals are trained in mind-body modalities that can address this very need individually and collectively. The takeaway for wellness professionals is to highlight the why, how and what of cultivating positive mental health within your messaging and your offerings.

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What trends are you seeing for 2022? And how have you planned out your year ahead? Drop a note in the comments below to let us know. 

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