Success Planning with Niki Riga

Actionable Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Are you throwing darts in the dark and hoping something sticks? Set your goals for the quarter and the year with intention and work to achieve them systematically. Niki will show you how to reverse engineer your goals for success – a strategy she uses with private clients.

What You’ll Learn

The content Niki has planned will speak directly to some common issues she hears from her own clients (people just like you!):


  1. I’m not making enough money
  2. I’m working way too many hours
  3. I have no idea how to get out of the daily hustle and work ON rather than IN my business.

Nearly every business owner Niki works with has these exact problems. 👆


How do we get out of the weeds and set goals and action items that propel your business closer to where you want to be? How do you reconcile the business you wanted to build with the business you currently have?


With clear action items and needle-movers that are set with systems. 💪

Niki has answers to those questions and real solutions to share! Her main points will cover:


  • Your sales process should be centered around connection and a genuine desire to help your client reach their goals.
  • No hoping! If you don’t ask, they won’t buy.
  • You’re the expert. Present yourself as such.

Join us for an incredible session of success planning!

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About Your Teacher

Niki Riga has been a client, studio owner, and coach in boutique fitness for over a decade, and she can’t think of an industry she’d rather be in. Her favorite part about coaching and studio ownership is the same: She loves supporting clients as they achieve their big goals. Niki specializes in the acquisition, conversion, and retention of studio members and combines her MBA background with her love of community building to help studio owners build profitable, enjoyable businesses.


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