Mesha Hegna: Sharing Yoga With Everyone

Sep 28, 2018

For years, Mesha Hegna dabbled with yoga but it was when she was laid off from her job that she began practicing on a regular basis. Like many who step on the yoga mat looking for a way to release stress and learn how to live with more presence, Mesha discovered that practicing yoga was one of the most effective ways to handle stressful situations and life’s challenges with greater grace and ease.

Once she realized how effective a yoga practice could be in managing the stresses of life, she knew that she wanted everyone to feel the benefits too, which inspired her to transform her personal practice into a teaching practice. “I love the benefits of yoga and want to share them with EVERYONE!” Mesha explains.

These days you can find Mesha teaching yoga in her community in Maple Grove, MN. Currently, she teaches an Anusara flow class at USA Karate, an offering for all-levels that focuses on alignment and allowing breath to guide the movement. In the summer she also teaches Swing and Stretch, a class where golfers (and non-golfers!) practice postures of most benefit to their game. She says, “While it may not improve your swing, it may bring you a little more zen when you hit that slice.”

In addition to these offerings, Mesha maintains her core value of making yoga accessible to everyone and places attention on creating opportunities for youth and families. Right now, she is most excited about a new program she’s working on for youth with anxiety and is looking forward to rolling out this offering in the near future. Clearly, Mesha is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with everyone and this passion extends to another key pillar in her life: family. Another class she offers is called “All in the Family,” a class especially for parents and their kids of all ages. The purpose of this class is to encourage families to share, grow, and play together. It’s clear why Mesha developed this class because when we asked her what three things she couldn’t live without, she replied, “There is really one – my beautiful family.”

As a lifelong learner and student, Mesha explains that she is also dedicated to studying ancient philosophies as well as new techniques and methodologies. As she continues to grow as a student, she also grows as a teacher by sharing everything she learns in her studies, personal practice, and life experiences. Using this approach, Mesha hopes to bring into her student’s lives what has been so helpful in her own life. “I hope to help others find the calm and peace that I have been able to find through yoga.”

You can learn more about Mesha, her practice, and where she’s teaching next on her OfferingTree website: We’d love to help you take your yoga practice to the next level like Mesha! Our mission is to help you tech less and teach more. Learn more at

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