Devon Hase: World Traveler and Mindfulness Teacher

Aug 28, 2018

Last month, we started a series introducing you to some of the amazing teachers, coaches, and trainers who are using OfferingTree to share and expand their passion for health and wellness within their communities. In this installment, we would like to introduce you to Devon Hase, a mindfulness-teacher who currently teaches mindfulness at University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, to preservice teachers at UW-Madison’s Center for Healthy Minds, and for ABC News Anchor Dan Harris’ 10% Happier online program. On top of this, she also travels the world leading weekend workshops alongside her husband, Craig, which she says is one of her favorite parts of the job!

Devon’s path to mindfulness began when she was a sophomore in college. She explains that at the time she was struggling with an eating disorder and self-critical thoughts but meditation helped her find calm space while setting her on a path of healing – and eventually teaching others the power of this practice. Although Devon started her meditation practice 18 years ago, she admits that she can still be pretty hard on herself but this is all part of the human experience and a loving-kindness meditation practice helps to balance out these habits.

When she decided to transform her personal meditation practice into a teaching practice, Devon credits her own teachers for inspiring her to choose this path. She also points out that meditation teachers often embody the teachings and wisdom of the lineage while being able to address issues that are relevant to the times. It’s this belief that keeps her dedicated and committed to continuing her own practice while sharing with others. She explains, “I try to uphold the long tradition of meditation training, along with helping to translate and adapt the practice so that it is useful, beneficial, and accessible in modern-day life.”

As a mindfulness teacher, Devon specializes in sharing the practice and benefits of natural awareness, mindful movement, and mindfulness in daily life – but especially finds the importance in providing these tools to professionals in a helping capacity, such as educators and psychotherapists. Especially for those where compassion or empathy fatigue is a real challenge of the job, she knows that a meditation practice can help these individuals bring natural balance into their lives, in turn better serving those they work with. She says, “Guiding meditation practices encouraging present-moment embodiment and sustainable compassion is most fulfilling in these communities where the practices feel relevant and useful.” Devon and her husband, Craig, lead workshops for helping professionals all over the world including Iceland, Denmark, and all over the United States.

Through teaching and embodying the principles of a mindfulness practice, Devon hopes to share the benefits and impact that she has felt in her own life. “My intentions for teaching include sharing with others the practices that have been so foundational to my well-being, happiness and growth. I believe in making these teachings accessible to all people. I want to help others as I have been helped – the gift of meditation training is the most priceless gift of all, and I am honored to devote my life to this kind of service.”

Learn more about Devon and her mindfulness practice over on her OfferingTree site. If you’re like Devon and have a desire to share meditation with your community, please come visit us at to get started with your free website and learn how we can help you, help others!

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