Amplify Your Online Store with Ashley Hagen

5 Ways to Increase Profits

Discover the full potential of the OfferingTree online store in our next webinar, hosted by Business Coach and Yoga teacher Ashley Hagen.


The online store in your business software is a powerful asset, and understanding how best to utilize it is the key to unlocking passive income possibilities. In this webinar Ashley (she/her) is going to guide us through how to make the most of this feature for your business.

What You’ll Learn

Ashley will take a deep dive into the power of your online store, when to use it, when not to use it, and show you how to take advantage of this amazing feature.


Here are the 5 main ways she will expand on to use the store feature to amplify your business:


  1. Class Recordings: Turn live or pre-recorded class recordings into a valuable asset for your students.
  2. Monthly Membership: Recurring revenue with monthly memberships directed to on-demand content.
  3. Online Courses: There are specialty workshops, yoga challenges, virtual retreats, and other workshops and courses.
  4. Digital Products: Sell non-video digital products – ebooks, guides, checklists, upsell content, workbooks, etc.
  5. Lead Magnets: Create compelling incentives that not only grow your audience but also contribute to your overall online store success.


Want to learn more? Get the replay below!

Graphic featuring a photo of Barrie Risman, and details for her webinar with OfferingTree: Teaching the Inner Posture: Making Yoga Philosophy Accessible. The webinar will take place on January 18th at 1pm EST.

About Your Teacher

Ashley is an online yoga teacher and business coach helping other yoga teachers transform into confident online entrepreneurs. With a background in marketing & graphic design, she combines her skills (technology) with her passion (yoga teaching) to help yoga teachers navigate the online world of business building. 


Get ready to learn five strategic approaches to elevate your wellness business, including turning class recordings into valuable on-demand content, creating monthly memberships, developing online courses, offering digital products, and mastering lead magnets for audience growth.


So whether you’re a yoga teacher or wellness professional, join us to amplify your online presence and l learn how to transform your OfferingTree online store – or any online store – into a thriving core of profitability!

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