4 Tips To Keep Your Practice Fresh

Jun 18, 2019

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


As you build and grow your business there might very well come a time when you hit a wall. If you find yourself feeling uninspired by the work you’re doing, try not to despair or question whether you took up the right career. There are many ways to handle this feeling of stagnancy and return to your passion with renewed energy and insight.

1. Look for signs of burnout

Consider whether you’re experiencing burnout. If you feel like you’re working more than ever but not feeling very productive, then you might need to start incorporating more intentional self-care into your life and make sure you’re not prioritizing work over basic needs. Here are some more tips on how you can start to undo the impact of burnout.

2. Attend a workshop or retreat

When was the last time you undertook some professional development for your practice? Attending a workshop or retreat is a great way to learn, meet new people, and infuse some fresh inspiration into what you do. Think about areas of your practice (personally and professionally) that you are curious to learn more about. Maybe you’d like to learn how to teach kids dance, yoga for seniors, or a new fitness modality. If an in-person course isn’t possible, then check online where you will likely find some free or low-cost study options.

3. Connect with your community

There’s something about connecting with other humans that reminds us that we all have a shared experience with doubt or feeling uninspired. Sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone is reassuring. Tap into your community – whether online or in real life. If you have a mentor or accountability buddy, this is a perfect person to reach out to. They’ll be able to talk through what you’re experiencing and provide a fresh perspective that could help perk up your practice. Check out this blog post with more reasons why mentors and accountability buddies are helpful in building your business.

4. Take time to reflect

Between running your own business and tending to the necessary day-to-day tasks, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of our lives. Try taking time out to reflect on why you wanted to become a yoga teacher, dance coach, fitness instructor, or whatever your practice is. If you enjoy writing, put your thoughts down on paper then save this for later to help remind you when need it. Finding our story plays an important role in staying connected to our values and conveying this to our clients and friends.

Finding time to keep your practice inspired and fresh can be a challenge in and of itself. That’s exactly why we were motivated to start OfferingTree! Our job is to focus on the technical needs you need to run your business so you can spend more time on your passion and bringing your work to the community. Visit OfferingTree.com to see how our simplified solution for managing your business can help you.

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