How to Find Private Yoga Students

May 1, 2019

✍️ Author: Sinead O'Connor


Have you considered taking on private yoga clients but not sure how to find them? We get it! Start by clarifying your goal. Do you want only one or two new private students to supplement your other commitments, or do you want to solely book private yoga sessions? Keeping this goal in mind will help you determine other logistics and details such as where you would hold private sessions, the equipment you might need, and the rate for private yoga classes. Once you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and how you’ll get there, you can start to put these next steps into action:

Start thinking like an entrepreneur

Creating a tailored experience for your student requires specialized skills so don’t downplay your expertise as a yoga teacher! Start to think of yourself as an entrepreneur who offers a unique perspective as a yoga instructor. This might be a hurdle for those who experience imposter syndrome but just remember – imposter syndrome happens to everyone!

Invest in marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising will be key to finding and securing new yoga students for private sessions. There is no shortage of directions you can take to market yourself and your private yoga classes. Start to experiment with some social media tactics like boosting posts on Facebook or Instagram. You don’t have to spend much; start with a few bucks. If you already have a newsletter audience, offer an incentive such as a discount on their first lesson with you. Place a video on your blog or website. The takeaway is to start putting yourself out there with the tools you already have but don’t be afraid to go through trial and error.

Tap into current yoga students

Develop a list of students or contacts you might contact about booking private yoga sessions. The list could include blog and newsletter readers or students from class. Be truthful and authentic in your approach. Explain the benefits of how they can benefit from a tailored, individual practice with you. You might even consider putting together an introductory package to get those initial bookings.

Make private yoga sessions your specialty

Is offering private sessions for your wellness or fitness business considered a niche? Sure! Think of it this way: A specialized class or offering provides a certain type of experience. For example, a restorative class promotes relaxation while a hip hop dance class will get your blood pumping. An individual yoga session provides the student with the experience of tailored guidance and the opportunity to have a yoga instructor’s personal attention. Framing your thoughts around this idea can help you bring clarity and focus to your overall plan for booking private yoga classes.

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