Webinar Replay: Panel Discussion on How to Sustain a Yoga or Mindfulness Career during COVID-19

In the below webinar, Kelly McHugh ( Digital Yoga Academy ), Avi Gordon ( Integral Yoga Teachers Association ), Flor Treviño Frey ( Yoga Sol ) discuss essential resources to follow during COVID-19, how to position your career in the context of so many free online offerings, ideas for action you can take today, and many more topics!

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  • Webinar: Designing for FlexibilityMonday, August 10th from 12 – 1:00 pm Central Time – Please join us for a webinar on how to design your yoga business for flexibility. The last six months has been a wild rollercoaster ride for most yoga teachers and studio owners, and we’ll discuss the takeaways and learnings from pivoting yoga studios online, to taking them back to in person with COVID-19 regulations, and everything in between. Register here

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Kelly McHugh

Avi Gordon

Flor Treviño Frey

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