Photo by munshots on Unsplash.

As a Twin Cities-based company, we are grieving the killing of George Floyd and the damage to our cities and communities. Join us in demanding change and, if you’re able, please join us in supporting efforts to heal and rebuild.

Here is a community-maintained document that is constantly being updated and outlines action you can take now and organizations to support.

Below are additional ways to engage and support (non-exhaustive list):

George Floyd Family Go-Fund Me Memorial Fund

West Broadway Business and Area Coalition (Helping to rebuild affected small businesses in North Minneapolis)

Neighbors United Funding Collaborative (Helping rebuild affected local storefronts in the Midtown and Union Park areas of Saint Paul)

Midtown Global Market Fund (helping rebuild and repair small business on Lake Street in South Minneapolis)

The following are not local Twin Cities organizations but they are in line with social justice missions.

American Civil Liberties Union


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