How good are you at asking for help in your business? There are times when bringing in a professional can be both a great idea, and a sound investment. If you are familiar with lead magnets, you understand the importance of creating strong content (and if you need a refreshed on lead magnets, see our earlier article here) and for that, it might be worth hiring a copywriter.

Picture this – you have your service or product ready to launch, your marketing strategy is in place, you have the outline for your lead magnet and you’ve chosen which platform to launch it on but when it comes to writing great language to sell it, you hit a wall. Creating copy that is compelling, hits the right pain points for your audience and draws them in effectively is tricky, let’s make no bones about it. 

In our digital age, marketing and content go hand in hand; creating catchy content has become an art form of its own and like many art forms, sometimes it is best left to the professionals. A copywriter is an expert at creating informative, compelling content that will help drive your business forward through increased engagement from both new and existing customers. And if you are investing time and energy in a lead magnet, you need to be sure it will hit the mark with your audience.

How to Find a Copywriter

Copywriters are ten-a-penny online – a quick search brings up hundreds of freelancer sites such as Upwork, Scripted or eCommerce Fuel and you’ll find plenty of readily available writers willing to take your money for content. So, it will take some research and preparation on your part to find someone that meets your needs – preferably with experience in writing within your particular industry.

Start off by knowing which type of writer you need:

  • a copywriter writes to drive sales, marketing and lead generation, 
  • a content writer focuses on more generalized writing such as blog posts and websites.

For a lead magnet, a copywriter is where you need to focus your search.

Also, bear in mind that the writing industry is not standardized and anyone with a keyboard can call themselves a writer, so do your research to be certain you are making the right investment.

What to Look For in your Copywriter:

  • Be clear on what you want before you begin your search – create a task list, so you have an outline of your needs and expectations.
  • Seek out a copywriter that has worked within your industry if possible, and ask for examples of their work. 
  • Ask questions to get a sense of what drives your copywriter such as: ‘What would be your dream brand to write for and why?’ and ‘how and why did you become a copywriter?’. 
  • Be aware that, as a freelancer, they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them, and they can choose who they want to work for. Be prepared to answer questions and be upfront in your expectations.
  • Pay attention to your interaction – do they ask a lot of questions? Do they seem excited to work with you? Have they got any fresh insights about your business? The answers to these questions give an indication of their input to your business.

One final tip – no amount of good copy can sell a service or product if there is no requirement or interest in it, so although we often look at the marketing strategy when we don’t reach our sales expectations, the problem might actually lie in the service or product itself. See our earlier article on market research to help you establish what your audience wants, needs and can afford to invest in before you seek a copywriter to help you sell it. 

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