In the constantly shifting landscape of social media, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and to know which site best suits your business. There’s a pretty good chance you’re already connected to a platform like Facebook or Instagram for personal use, but how does social media marketing work for yoga teachers?

Here are just four ideas to think about as you build your social media and online presence:

Build yoga community on Facebook Groups

If you’re one of the over two billion users on Facebook, you most likely have set up a personal page which is how you engage with your friends and other content. As a yoga professional, you should also create a Facebook page which potential students can find you. Your Facebook page serves as a space to share announcements and information like where to register for classes.

But, if you’re more interested in finding a yoga community – both for professional networking and building a community of your own students – Facebook Groups is the way to go. While Facebook Pages are great for announcements and promotion, Facebook Groups offer space for building community. You can post challenges, discussion questions, polls, and more in order to foster connections between your students. Read more about how to use Facebook Groups for your business in this article.

Share your yoga content on Instagram

There are over one billion users on Instagram worldwide, making it one of the most popular social media platforms out there. With an active and huge yoga community on Instagram, there are plenty of ways to connect and grow your network.

Instagram has grown to offer all kinds of features including feed, Live, Stories, and IGTV. It’s important to define your goal and the time you’re willing to spend on it. Each of the features on Instagram has its own benefits but it largely depends on the goal. If you’re interested in learning how to use Instagram as a new yoga teacher but not sure where to start, we suggest listening to our friend Amanda McKinney’s conversation with Natasha Samuels to help you figure out which Instagram feature is best for you.

Share teaser videos on YouTube and find new students 

With over 2 billion viewers on a monthly basis, there is big potential in finding new students on YouTube. Think about what kind of teaser content you can share that could entice people You might offer short tutorials, talks, or other how-to videos.

The key to finding an audience is posting with consistency while offering authentic content that will entertain, educate, and engage your followers. YouTube can be a lucrative marketing tool to bring students to your website so they can take an action like signing up for a class or renting a yoga class video.

Grow your private or corporate yoga business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn might not be the first platform that comes to mind for yoga teachers. However, LinkedIn has grown to become a source of inspiration, support, and community for professionals from virtually any industry.

If you haven’t yet, sign up and create a free LinkedIn profile. Make sure to include your picture and some basic information as a starting point. Then, it’s up to you stay active and engage (which goes for any social media platform). Scroll through your feed of connections, react, and comment. It’s also a great idea to share your own content – establish your expertise as a yoga teacher. Also, share thought-provoking content from other teachers or content creators that aligns with the business of teaching yoga or yoga specialty. Already on LinkedIn and want to elevate your LinkedIn marketing? Listen to The Connected Yoga Teacher podcast and learn more about LinkedIn marketing for yoga teachers.


There’s a whole world of social media out there. Do your research and if you’re brand new to all of this, then we recommend starting your social media journey with one to two platforms. Focus on those until you are comfortable then reassess if you want to add on any other platforms. And, make sure to give yourself time to collect enough metrics and data about your social media so you can properly analyze your social media efforts and adjust your strategy as needed so you can keep your yoga business moving forward.

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